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  1. FA Youth Cup Final - Utd vs Forest

    Big well done to the lads. This is a competition synonymous with the history of our football club, it’s been sad to see other clubs have more success than us in recent years but tonight these boys have gone down in our history as the class of 22. Hope they enjoy the occasion tonight and look...
  2. Is it fair of Ralf Rangnick to give Erik ten Hag a dossier of the players, or should he say nothing and let the players have a clean slate?

    I doubt there will be dossier, Ralf will meet Erik at the end of the season to discuss things but I’m confident that Erik Ten Hag will be clued on about the scale of the job that needs doing.
  3. Post match vs Brighton & Hove Albion

    Disgraceful performance, players looked totally disinterested. Yes, Potter has done a brilliant job at developing that team but there is no excuse for how lacklustre we looked. Another example of why this squad needs to be gutted in the summer.
  4. Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester United

    Bit of a car crash of a first half. Brighton have played us off the park, Potter has got them so well drilled in possession that it’s like chasing shadows but when we have the ball they are setting traps everywhere and easily forcing mistakes. Grim viewing for the 2nd half at this rate.
  5. Have you ever regretted that you stopped watching a match or left early?

    Since I’ve been a season ticket holder (10 years-ish), I’ve usually stayed to the end. There was a time when I’d go early because my dad wanted to beat the traffic, I remember missing the final three goals in Jan 2008 when Ronaldo scored his first hat trick for the club against Newcastle United...
  6. Post match vs Brentford

    Fun performance and well deserved win. Ronaldo was superb, as was Mata and Matic, Bruno played a good game too. Shout out to Matic who has been a top professional at the club, will be welcome back at Old Trafford. Also to Mata who rolled back the clock today, he showed great intelligence...
  7. Post match vs Chelsea

    Probably should have been worse, we’ve stolen a draw tonight after being played off the park in the first half. Great goal by Ronaldo!
  8. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    Pretty much played off the park for long stints so far, we’ve been lucky Chelsea haven’t been clinical when their chances have come. Need much better in the 2nd half but Tbf I’m not entirely sure we are capable at the moment.
  9. Gaming Magic The Gathering (Arena)

    Used to play Arena a lot but got sick of it in the end. Think I just got tired of grinding for the wild cards so I could build the decks I wanted. Also got more interested in commander format which isn’t supported on Arena.
  10. Post match vs Arsenal

    There’s our top 4 hopes well and truly gone if they weren’t in tatters already. Wasn’t much between the two sides, the big moments went against us, be it bad finishing, bad luck or VAR. Ronaldo can walk out with his head held high, not so much the others.
  11. Arsenal vs Manchester United

    Defending isn’t great again today, having said that, I think we are somewhat unlucky to be in the break a goal down. We’ve created many chances ourselves, two penalty calls waved away while they get a very soft one themselves. There’s definitely a 2nd goal in it for us if we can show a little...
  12. How will you remember Pogba's time at United?

    Frustration of his time on the pitch: the skills, the vision, the brace against city, the self indulgence, the lack of effort, the stupid mistakes. The frustration of the Pogba circus with Raiola’s games in the media.
  13. Steve McClaren | Yessh our new assistant coach

    Wouldn’t mind him coming back to the club. McLaren has had a mixed career as a manager in the game, on top of that he hasn’t been prevalent in the game in recent years. However, it is ‘coach’ job, he will be directed by Ten Hag and if it’s felt that his experience and profile will add value to...
  14. Paul Pogba | 2021/22 Performances

    It was hinted at on Tuesday night that that could have been the last time we see Pogba in a United shirt. There will be a lot to be said about his time here but I think it will be better for both the club and himself if he isn’t part of the team until the end of the season at this point.
  15. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    Im hopeful too. Just don’t want him to do a Moyes and turn up on July 1st without any prep work. Ten Hag seems to be the kind of man who would be as prepared as possible so don’t really see there being an issue.