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  • He got good result in his first few games is due to defenders mostly not know much about him, a few games after and teams started to analyze him he's faded.
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    The Italians are much better I doubt we have a fitness specialist and dietricians and all that. Our structures seems outdated and hardly posh for a team of our standard.
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    At least we won against them At least we won against them at home At least we won against them after half time At least we're still fighting and still withing the game untill the last 3 minutes At least it's 2-0 At least we're not relegated
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    God was a Manchester United fans, until we called him plastic and instant success snowflake
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    problem is, the rhetoric is now "even klopp can't win with this squad"
  • if the match was from 60-85 minutes we would have won
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    You can't close the gaps, because those on the tops have infinite means to duplicate their wealth. A billionaire and a blue collar worker each has 24 hours in a day, problem is the billionaire has hundreds of companies making money for him while...
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    Equality is like confisticating all the chickens in the world, and spread it equally to every person on earth. Most will cook the chicken and eat it Some will treat it as family pet Few would think about getting 2 chickens together, mate them...
  • True. But unless ole is a genius with a crystal ball or a lucky fellow, i dont trust a manager who jumps onto a season without a midfield. 22 games 34 points. Any other year we'd be dead and burried out of top 4.
  • I dont trust any fans to make decisions for my hard earnt 10000. Some of you lot are guilty among the most stupidest decisions in a hindsight. Let alone thinking a collective 100.000 people could agree on a name for president, we can hardly...
  • Nedved 2010, carried czech republic to runner up. Was it 2010? Darren fletcher 2008, world class that one season and gone the next. Laudrup, Denmark Owen 1998
  • Not saying you cant have backups. But having a striker that differs alot compared to your main means you need to alter your approach everytime he plays. E.g. having martial and rashford is fine because they can play similary. Having rashford and...
  • We dont even have a sound plan a We dont need a different player. We need a backup whose main job is to be a backup to plan a, while adept at plan b. If we choose a totaly different player than once our main striker gets injured, along with...
  • Take more than ability to pass, any EPL level footballers would have no problem passing 5-10-15 yards in training. Doing so against an equal opponent who's looking out to stop you is another thing, you'd need more than passing ability alone...
  • Wait what, somebody actually paid for Ashley deadwood Young and still people complaining? I swear people wanted to give him away for free last season