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  1. Lionel Messi

    I’m pretty sure he is the best player in the world both statistically and in reality. Kevin De Byrne for example it is true created more this season for his team (so has Bruno) but if Messi played for City that would be reversed very quickly. Messi also scores many more goals than KDB obviously...
  2. Another boring one horse race

    I 100 percent agree with this! Can’t argue one bit. We should be mid table fodder on merit really by now going on how shambolic our club is usually ran truth be told. Our budget is the only thing that stops it.
  3. Not in the Race?

    I’d argue we should be finishing with 80 points at least with this squad so that is interesting. Quite impossible to challenge for anything with those tally’s year in year out. At the end of next season if we don’t break 80 points again questions will start to pop up for sure of where this plan...
  4. DDG - it needs to be said

    I’ve always been a big fan of De Gea for me one of our best players ever at his peak but I honestly can’t remember the time he had a truly world class performance or got MOTM... At one point a few years back he was doing it almost weekly!
  5. “United don’t even fancy it” - Carragher

    City have a better squad period. In almost every position. We are easily behind them. Their players are more experienced too. Even the back-ups are more experienced than our first 11 for the most part.
  6. Post match vs Everton

    We’ve won more than our fair share this season mistakes happen the problem is no matter how much we improve they can always stay ahead of us. No other side is as stacked as theirs in world football and this will continue well into the future.
  7. Post match vs Everton

    Gutting. It’s especially gutting knowing the team ahead of us has not only got two games in hand but a squad so stacked it should be illegal in football. Two world class players in every single position is a joke when one considers how they fund it all. Liverpool got well over 90 points the...
  8. Most charismatic footballers ever

    Maybe I’m wrong about his personality then because from what I’ve heard he played football with the kids on the streets and barely knew who the next opponent was until the day of a match. I’m happy to take the L on him though if he was indeed as quiet as a mouse.
  9. Most charismatic footballers ever

    Beckham has a personality? Edmundo!!! Di Canio Chilavert Maradona Kahn Cantona Garrincha (I’ve heard stories) Cassano Ibra Cristiano Ronaldo Gattuso Balloteli Gascoine
  10. Post match vs Sheffield United

    We aren’t beating them to the title I will guarantee that. We aren’t good enough to go the whole way if they pick up form. They cheat though so it’s all a bit unfair really and has been for years.
  11. Jürgen Klopp Watch | "Man United had more penalties in two years than me in five and a half years"

    Liverpool fans are deluding themselves acting super confident they win titles every year which has turned to arrogance very quickly. It is impossible to keep it up with their essentially limited resources. Their club isn’t rich enough for sustained success but most Liverpool fans seem to think...
  12. Why don't United look at Championship talent?

    It’s not like players who genuinely tear it up in the Championship do that well in the Premier League. Ryan Sessegnon for example. Maybe the odd exception but that’s all it would be. The absolute cream of the crop are usually playing top level football by the time they are 20-21 if you ask me...
  13. Is our fanbase the most entitled/ knee jerk toxic fanbase around?

    You will argue me on any point right now so I really can’t be bothered. Team is looking pretty good but we haven’t proved anything. End of the day you prove things with trophies and consistency and yes Pool and City have shown that last few years. Gotta respect their ridiculous points tally’s...
  14. Is our fanbase the most entitled/ knee jerk toxic fanbase around?

    Not at all. Klopp and Guardiola at their best usually crushed those teams anyways and we have seen with history their teams have dominated. We have yet to do any such thing or prove much apart from we look pretty good. Time will tell but we have a lot of faults and positives too this season. I...
  15. Is our fanbase the most entitled/ knee jerk toxic fanbase around?

    I would expect all that against Basaksehir yes. You did ask about games fans could think of though and I named quite a few so I kinda proved you wrong.