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  1. Rashford and Martial are a problem

    Rashford needs to be more direct. He seems to turn back and play a simple pass too often. He should be driving at the defender and beating them. He should be watching Mane and Salah or even Greenwood.
  2. Manchester United vs West Bromwich Albion

    They only enforce the goalkeeper on the line rule if the team pen taker misses. I’m pretty sure Johnstone was off the line for the 2nd take as well but they let it go. I think they could make it fairer by saying it the pen taker has to run to take the pen. No hopping or stuttering etc would even...
  3. Manchester United vs West Bromwich Albion

    They’ve really not thought through the rules. I do think that handballs need penalising as in that instance the West Brom player blocked our cross with his arm and it shouldn’t go unpunished but a pen is so harsh.
  4. Manchester United vs West Bromwich Albion

    The simple solution is an indirect free kick if it is deemed an accidental handball. A penalty should only be given for intentional handball.
  5. Post match vs Everton

    Great result today. However, it only matters if it’s the start of a solid run. We need to take maximum points in the league from now until we play City. West Brom (H) Southampton (A) West Ham (A)
  6. Everton vs Manchester United

    would have helped to give him Sancho ahead of him.
  7. Everton vs Manchester United

    defenders tend to stay in position rather than following the striker here there and everywhere. It’s clever from Calvert Lewin to pull onto Lindelof.
  8. Everton vs Manchester United

    very unavoidable are pretty hard to avoid. Avoidable goals on the other hand...
  9. Everton vs Manchester United

    I don’t think they are strict holding midfielders it’s just that Matic doesn’t have the legs and Pogba doesn’t have the work rate. They are both box to box and there to offer legs in the middle of the park.
  10. Next Manager

    how so? It’s just the value of their contracts and they can’t be on huge deals.
  11. 2020 US Elections | Next: GA Senate Runoffs on 5 January

    We’ll never know but Bernie had a lot of crossover support with some factions Trump fans. Issues like NAFTA they had a similar position but very different rhetoric.
  12. Post match vs Arsenal

    Yeah, I’m defending the system not Ole. We have played a variety of formations none of which are to blame for our poor results. The poor results are poor implementation of the systems and/or poor team selection within those systems. I just don’t like the idea of people blaming 4-2-3-1 or the...
  13. Post match vs Arsenal

    When the diamond has been advocated most people wanted it to get Donny in the team.
  14. Post match vs Arsenal

    He’s becoming a parody of himself. A lot of the early criticism around Pogba was harsh and unjustified but right now we are a much better team with him not in it. Everybody else tends to be switched on and while they may lack his ‘talent’ it isn’t currently worth the cost. And tbh we’ve not seen...
  15. Post match vs Arsenal

    In my mind the diamond was a good answer to Arsenals 3-4-3. In theory we had four midfielders up against their midfield two. We should have been dominating possession in the middle of the park. Instead, Fred, Pogba, Bruno and McTominay just gave it away constantly.