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  1. Cavani and Ronaldo in the same XI

    I said they should be starting together a few weeks ago. So there.
  2. This is the first time I want us to lose

    Viva Ronaldo.....
  3. Manchester United vs Atalanta

    Two more!
  4. Rest in peace Super League - post your favourite moments - Dreams can't be buy

    Owners want to maximise profits. As a club we've flat lined this is the only way they can make more. It's not surprise they're all interested.
  5. Old Trafford Revamp

    Old Trafford was what folk would describe as a soulless bowl when it was constructed(but described as the best stadium in the world..). It looked like St Mary's back in 95. I actually think White Hart Lane looks stunning - far too good for Spurs. I also love what Real are doing to their ground...
  6. Rest in peace Super League - post your favourite moments - Dreams can't be buy

    If this happens then the Glazers will definitely stick around. It's what they're hoping for.
  7. Old Trafford Revamp

    I think that it could cost.more because of the railway line.
  8. Old Trafford Revamp

    I think they'll fill the South Stand up with exec boxes, anything else will cost them too much.
  9. Old Trafford Revamp

    They roof is a part of the structure.
  10. Old Trafford Revamp

    They'll probably do exec boxes...I can't see them expanding over the railway line.
  11. Old Trafford Revamp

    This isn't going to happen is it, Hungry?
  12. Old Trafford Revamp

    Need to spend a few hundred million. Ideally they should knock it back to the bottom tier and do a Bernabeu style renovation. Will be interesting to see what architects can muster up.
  13. Old Trafford Revamp
  14. Steve Bruce leaves Newcastle

    Tough luck, Brucie. Good luck ahead.