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  1. Robert Lewandowski 2021/22 performances

    Because of that the more interesting question might be what impact it could have had if he stayed at Dortmund for some more years? I think they would have had a chance to win one or two leagues more with him.
  2. Chelsea 2021/22 - Super Cup Champions of Europe

    There he got his answer :lol: But that really shows that he is simply trying his best all the time, but us also aware that he isn't great at everything. Refreshing difference compared to some of the more self-entitled characters.
  3. German Football 21/22 | Midweek cup madness starting tonight and tomorrow at 18:30

    I think we were actually discussing their academy facilities, not the stadium itself? Anyway, we now proved that there is a possible scenario for @King Kendrick 's idea to become true, and it does not even have to involve the club he was surely thinking about. :lol:
  4. Next permanent manager

    So only one of the four title winning managers before ten Hag went on to have a great career (van Gaal), the other were decent at best. This is not a good indicator to prove that ten Hag will be a great manager in a different league (I do think he will, but based on his style of play and CL...
  5. German Football 21/22 | Midweek cup madness starting tonight and tomorrow at 18:30

    True, I guess Bochum could use those facilities if they establish themselves in the Bundesliga. ;)
  6. German football is turd

    Hoffenheim under Nagelsmann finished top 4 before. It's not like the club has never been that far up in the table.
  7. Alphonso Davies

    You are right, and the point everyone should consider is simply this: Take your time when recovering. Don't immediately start exhausting sports or similar activities once you feel better, but give it a week or two in case you have those unnoticed complications, so that they can heal, too.
  8. German football is turd

    His observation is clearly true that the PL is better. Looking at the money difference everything else would be ridiculous failure of the PL clubs. That said I don't believe him that this surprised him. This is just about shielding his team from criticism for their poor performances. Fair play...
  9. Thomas Tuchel - Sack Watch

    Nope, that existed only 1997-2007.
  10. Thomas Tuchel - Sack Watch

    Just the cup, there is no additional league cup in Germany (there used to be, but it was already gone by the time he managed Dortmund)
  11. Chelsea appoint Thomas Tuchel

    Yes, definitely much more spiky, to use your words.
  12. Chelsea appoint Thomas Tuchel

    I don't think it is just political, it really looks like he became far more relaxed and understanding, finally treating players as people instead of pieces on a chess board. Surely that improved also his political skills, but it's not only that. Don't know what changed him that way, but the...
  13. Denis Zakaria

    What are you talking about? He played about 80% of the time this season, when he missed it was mostly due to minor injuries. He is on the market as he thinks he is ready to go for a bigger club now.
  14. Next permanent manager

    Tough to accept for football hipsters, but you are totally right. "Gegenpressing is nothing new, we just used to call it closing down" (quote is from Köln's manager a few weeks ago)
  15. German Football 21/22 | Midweek cup madness starting tonight and tomorrow at 18:30

    I guess the move makes sense for Berlin as they just signed a new CB a few days ago (Heintz from Freiburg). So for them it keeps the squad balanced to let another CB leave, maybe they already knew Friedrich was going to leave now. If all this makes sense for Gladbach and Friedrich himself know...