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  1. German Football 21/22 | Gladbach sign Farke

    Agree, this is totally not a big story, just posting it makes sense for BILD announcing why a new reporter takes over, but apart from that I don't see why anyone would care about this.
  2. German Football 21/22 | Gladbach sign Farke

    As Leipzig's CEO Mintzlaff keeps refusing to employ a new DoF there is a lack of competent management in Leipzig. This could either end directly in tears at some point, or it might result in him signing a DoF Tedesco doesn't like. Refusing to sign an extension means he has an easy exit if he...
  3. PSG - 2021/22 | French Spurs?

    A lot of German media report this as well.
  4. African players playing for European countries

    The Boateng brothers actually are a nice example to look at how players decide which country they play for. Both are born in Germany and grew up here, but Jerome had little trouble and just moved through the German national teams until he won the World Cup. Prince however got a quite bad image...
  5. German Football 21/22 | Gladbach sign Farke

    His professional career at least. Meanwhile he announced that he will play for his hometown club next season - in the fifth Austrian League, which obviously isn't a professional one. That actually fits quite well how he has appeared in my eyes for a long time - talented player, but hasn't...
  6. German Football 21/22 | Gladbach sign Farke

    I see. I guess in that case we mostly agree as I also think that there are tradeoffs you have to accept to include Götze, and while those make sense for a club like Frankfurt, that's likely not the case for better clubs.
  7. German Football 21/22 | Gladbach sign Farke

    Where else should he go? It's not like the top clubs in Germany are in dire need of such a player, as they all have solutions there. Götze is interesting for the EL-level clubs in Germany and Frankfurt probably is the biggest of them at the moment and the only that recently won titles.
  8. German Football 21/22 | Gladbach sign Farke

    Well I'm sure they'll tweak their system so that he will be useful in all games. And with the club's status growing the amount of teams that will treat Frankfurt as favourite will increase and therefore the role they really need Götze for.
  9. German Football 21/22 | Gladbach sign Farke

    I disagree at least a bit. While their pressing and athleticism was a strong factor in their big game wins (and therefore the EL win) it didn't help them much in many league games. I think you overlook how bad their league season has been, especially compared to the season before. And a key...
  10. German Football 21/22 | Gladbach sign Farke

    At least Durm, Großkreutz and Zieler didn't really play a role and were just squad fillers. Though I agree that Zieler probably didn't expect to spend so much time in the second league. The others actually had decent careers I think, not unusual for squad players of national team?
  11. Jude Bellingham

    I would hardly call it Red carpet treatment when you tried to sign him for the youth (with according wages) while Dortmund wanted to sign him for the first team (and therefore making an offer that was more interesting both financially and on the pitch).
  12. German Football 21/22 | Gladbach sign Farke

    The exodus continues... don't know what's happening there, but the amount of staff and players leaving under unclear circumstances or under a lot of public noise in the last two years is astonishing.
  13. German Football 21/22 | Gladbach sign Farke

    Too easy to make this pun.
  14. Julian Nagelsmann | Bayern Munich manager

    Good enough to get a second chance, but he needs to take it. League title is obviously good, early cup exit was terrible and the CL was in the end acceptable - shouldn't have lost against the team they did, but the stage when it happened was fine for a typical Bayern season. The really big...
  15. German Football 21/22 | Gladbach sign Farke

    Hoffenheim signed a title winning coach, Breitenreiter might not be the most popular, but I actually don't have an issue with them essentially stating that they want more success than under Hoeneß. Werner plays a style that's roughly compatible to their club philosophy and got them promoted...