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  1. Jose Mourinho sacked

    Ive read the pice in the Atheltic published after he got sacked. I swear it was the same story after United sacked him, the same story after Chelsea sacked him. There is this proverb Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me... there is no excuse for any chairman who hires him.
  2. Premier League Gameweek 32/33

    I see what you did
  3. Realistic buyers...

  4. Why is Ed Woodward held in such contempt?

    He's a buffon and an idiot?
  5. Realistic buyers...

    Arent leveraged buy outs prohibited now?
  6. Realistic buyers...

    Please explain
  7. Ed Woodward has resigned from Manchester United

    I swear i will send Ed a letter with that tweet.
  8. Ed Woodward has resigned from Manchester United

    One can only dream....the damage they've done to this much they have stolen from the club?? And Yes i know what "stolen" means
  9. Ed Woodward has resigned from Manchester United

    Oh my God !!!!!! Thank you Jesus!
  10. European Super League | 18th April 2021 - 20th April 2021 RIP

    I fecking hope so. He is a cancer not only on this club but on football in genral.
  11. Chelsea preparing to leave the Super League

    I bet us and Madrid were project leaders.
  12. Sensible, non-hysterical ESL and CL discussion only

    Sorry if this question has been asked but here it comes. Providing that ESL club are banner from UEFA/FIFA games. Will the playwlwr be able to terminate their contracts? I'm sure UEFA/FIFA would allow this but would the case stand in a court?