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  1. Get behind the manager and club

    I think a lot of posters here resort to negativity in what is a negative time not only for us as a club but the whole world. Everyone wants a bit of comfort. We see United as a way to uplift ourselves in what are depressing days for a lot of people. So it’s accentuated these days. To all of...
  2. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    Ole's lead in the poll is falling like Trump's in Pennsylvania.
  3. Manchester United vs West Bromwich Albion

    This referee is an absolute joke. I don’t like that THIS is how we’re going to end up winning today. Rubbish.
  4. Is it a matter of time before heading is banned?

    I am in full support of children being stopped from heading as they are still growing and the hardness of their skulls are only improving beneath the ages of 8-10. But I am a skeptic of "Dementia caused by heading". The main reason being that the evidence that has so far been cited are on...
  5. Cyber attack

  6. Amad Diallo | 2020/21 Performances

    This is the problem with the world at the moment.
  7. Is Lingard as good as gone?

    Goodbye JLingz. You have given us some great memories. But ultimately, you were an in-betweenr. Had things been stable in his personal life, he could have been our Marchisio. Man I fecking loved Marchisio, what a squad player!
  8. Ole post match rant vs Everton

    I think that’s because Roy Keane is hiding a volcano under his throat. Man has an unhealthy amount of rage in there.
  9. Ole post match rant vs Everton

    Don’t care about body language. But a good piss about was a tried and tested method under Fergie. Ole is not stupid, even if he didn’t plan it, he knows that raging at the fixtures is about trying to build a siege mentality. Let it seep into the players’ minds that the “cards are stacked”...
  10. New Podcast - United Hour - Istanbul Review & Everton Preview

    I'll be honest... my dread for United was washed away by the results of the election. So I am not in a bad place emotionally as I suspect some people might be! I know I would have been. Look... I see this objectively as very poor performances. The defending against Istanbul... was laughably...
  11. New Podcast - United Hour - RB Leipzig Review - Red Bull doesn't give you wins

    Seemed like a typical Nik apology... total fence-sitter!... Actually sorry Nik, I don't know you all too well and it was my first listen to the podcast. Enjoyable listen. Everyone was pleasantly well informed and it was a good discussion. I think you guys have a real opportunity to start...
  12. Telles has Covid

    Par for the course for most on here.
  13. Podcast - United Hour - Chelsea Review & Leipzig Preview

    The polls on Ole change more than the US Election polls. I voted to keep him in many months ago and that ain’t changing. He deserves this year. If we fail to reach CL and go trophyless (both conditions applying), we must look elsewhere.
  14. Dayot Upamecano

    Wish people talked like this to the times we conceded goals when chasing games. Upamecano was poor in Rashy’s first goal. He went too deep and missed the press. I call it as I see it. Upamecano is a superb roving defender, but yesterday he was rubbish. 19 year old Mason Greenwood, destroyed him...
  15. RedCafe has become toxic as feck.

    I respect the OP’s sentiments but at the end of the day this forum is a sounding board. Fans ar emotional and we’ve had a poor first three games and a terrible window. Of course the terrible stewardship of the club. Add that to what is largely an extremely stressful year with the pandemic and...