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  1. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    So what you're saying is this is Ole's first real test?
  2. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    They sound like Mourinho players to me.
  3. MMM (Mason, Marcus, Martial) = BBC (Bale, Benzema, Cristiano)

    No-one's gone for the battering RAM yet?
  4. We are 3 points off 3rd

    Nah, deadly serious mate. more white text? Indeed there is.
  5. We are 3 points off 3rd

    That a club of our standing is positively salivating at a fight for third place shows how far we've fallen under Ole. Whatever happens, he has to go. or something
  6. The disrespect for Andy Cole

    Eileen Drury told him in a dream.
  7. Irwin vs Evra

    Macheda or Rossi?
  8. Ed Woodward - "something'll 'appen this summer littleman"

    Every single year. Woodward: "we're minted!"; Caf: "why say that you fecking eejit?!" Two weeks later... Woodward "Prices are too high"; Caf: "we're skint, fecking Glazers, waaa waaa waaa". Follow Morrissey's advice, don't read the newspapers.
  9. Worst career moves in the history of football?

    Moyes to Manchester United. Luke McCormick driving home.
  10. Solskjaer's views on covid19 crisis

    Who benefits from footballers taking a pay cut? You and me, or the Glazers, Levy, Ashley, the Man City Sheikhs etc? Who benefits from footballers remaining on full pay and (as many are doing) donating some to the NHS? All of us, through both the donations and through higher income tax receipts...
  11. Mourinho 'shoots granny'

    Kyle Walker and Rooney wonder whether you would like to go round for a sex party or a round of golf. Either way it involves getting the balls into as many holes as possible.
  12. Gary Nev on Ole's first day at United

    Yet Gary Neville has been dining out on it for 20+ years. I bet his after dinner speeches are a riot.
  13. Mourinho 'shoots granny'

    By Jove I think you've got it. It's so obvious now. It's another ploy by Mourinho to get sacked. No games on in which to play a ridiculous XI? Make the team contract a virus! It was probably his photographer.
  14. New allegations of corruption in FIFA - Russia and Qatar buying votes

    Very few people in football give a fudge, half of it is a money laundering scheme anyway.
  15. The top tier of greatest teams ever

    That was certainly a great EPOch for Spanish football.