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  1. Solskjaer's legacy and his future

    He had a win rate of 54.17% Moyes had 52.94% Van Gaal had 52.43% Mourinho had 58.33% Rangnick has 41.67% - might be worse after today We had good spells and bad spells under - he wasn't that good but he wasn't that bad. We played some good games against the top teams under him. Football was...
  2. More goals in woman's football because women feel more?

    Why is it always the women should decrease goal size? I think men's game should increase goal size. Usually only 2 or 3 goals in an entire match. Average height of keepers and people in general has risen massively. Bigger goals = more goals = more exciting in my opinion. Best matches always have...
  3. Gareth Bale | Golfer, Footballer, Elbower of racists, Creator of Chaos, Philosopher, Golf Ambassador, Bar Owner, Real Legend | To Live and Die in LA

    Wow. When you see them lined up like that it's mad, provided those are all correct stats. He has been great for Real, and has played a great number of games when you consider he seems to be always injured.
  4. Mbappe vs Rashford - Taking the L from Lukaku

    Probably because of Mbappes 0.6 gpg in Champions League vs Haaland's 1.15. Overall Mbappes has 0.76 gpg for PSG while Haaland has almost exactly 1 (~1.013) for Dortmund. His stats are better so less to doubt
  5. Burnley vs Manchester United

    It's not about what we think. It's about what the correct decision should have been. They got it right this time.
  6. Burnley vs Manchester United

    But we all agreed it should have been tbf. I'd need another look at the Pogba one there but on first viewing he seemed to make enough contact with the defenders head with his hand/arm to impede him from going for the ball
  7. Burnley vs Manchester United

    Absolutely correct to rule out that OG. We were all annoyed last year when Lindelof had his face mauled and the goal against us wasn't disallowed. Similar foul there.
  8. Burnley vs Manchester United

    Regarding Maguire's offside; you could easily argue that the Burnley player was never going to get to the ball and didn't look at all like he even intended to try. So did he really interfere with play?
  9. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    Ah here. Ads in the middle of the game.
  10. United, football, mental health, and yet another United thread...

    This is essentially how mental illnesses start. Most illnesses of any kind for that matter. People don't just wake up with a mental illness. They come on gradually and people just eventually get to a low point where it's severe enough to be diagnosable. Mental illnesses are a spectrum like...
  11. United, football, mental health, and yet another United thread...

    As someone with a chronic mental illness I disagree. It's not insulting at all. Someone with a mental illness doesn't care that people speculate others might have one if they're performing poorly at their job. If anything that increases societies awareness of how they can affect people and if...
  12. Jesse Lingard 'to leave on a free'

    Not really. He's got a very finite amount of time left playing football. Every extra month he stays with Manchester United is another loved one who is potentially set up for life. Would you not like to provide and see your kids, your nephews, nieces, grandchildren, their partners and families...
  13. Post match vs Norwich City

    Actually yeah I've changed my mind, you have me convinced
  14. Post match vs Norwich City

    Not really. We were lucky a Norwich player did something so stupid in the box. It doesn't usually happen. It's quite rare, hence it being lucky imo.