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  1. Bruno Fernandes | 2020 Performances

    From what I saw he swapped with Pereira after about 30 minutes, probably because Pereira was so bad at CM. Looking forward to seeing him play a full game at AM.
  2. Solskjær press conference vs City (A) | Ole: "Alexis will come back in the summer and will prove you all wrong"

    Ole mentions Larsson, Matic and Evra as good January transfers then a journalist says Sanchez. Don't think Ole would've brought Sanchez up if the journalist hadn't said it.
  3. Young Lions 2019/20

    Definitely started with 5-3-2 then changed to 4 at the back when Greenwood came on. Looked like he was a number 10 then moved to LW when Brewster came on. Looked lively, couple of nice runs. Two nice finishes by Nketiah. First touch for his 2nd was great. Foden looked good although could've...
  4. Manchester United vs AC Milan Sat 3rd August, 17:36 UK time

    Rashford and Martial seem to be swapping every 5 minutes. Even had Rashford at RW and Martial at LW for a few minutes. Poor half.
  5. WWC19 | Final: USA v Netherlands

    Previous results between USA and England. Couldn't find any more. 2019 SheBelieves Cup 2-2 2018 SheBelieves Cup 1-0 USA 2017 SheBelieves Cup 1-0 England 2016 SheBelieves Cup 1-0 USA 2015 Friendly 1-0 USA 2007 World Cup QF 3-0 USA 2007 4 Nations Cup 1-1 2002 Algarve Cup 2-0 USA
  6. Danny Welbeck to leave Arsenal

    I'll guess Southampton.
  7. Fantasy Premier League 18/19

    Both my keepers didn't start. Knew about Patricio but thought Guaita would carry on starting. Had Doherty, Kolasinac and Auba too. Only Dendoncker coming off the bench.
  8. Jürgen Klopp Watch

    "The bubbles made it difficult to keep possession"
  9. Cheap football kits

    That's true, will have a look on there. Cheers
  10. Cheap football kits

    Been looking for 15/16 home shirt on ebay, some are made in Thailand and some in Vietnam. Both look exactly the same so can't tell which is fake. Can anyone who has an authentic one tell me where theirs was made?
  11. WSL Cup: Liverpool Women v United Women | United win 0-1

    Think the lineup is something like this. Midfield 3 seemed to rotate with James starting as the DM then swapping with Zelem. --------Hanson Sigsworth Arnott ----------------James Green --------------------Zelem Greenwood M.Turner A.Turner Smith ----------------Chamberlain
  12. U19 Euros 2018

    Watched the England game. Slow start but got better as the game went on. England used the same system as the seniors. Embleton the stand out with a great goal and 2 assists, 1 from a set piece and 1 from playing in Brereton. ---------Hirst Brereton -----Tavernier Embleton...
  13. Premier League 16/17 Predictions Competition

    Anyone interested in this? Looks like the redcafe league is still there. @DanNistelrooy @aseru
  14. Fantasy Football 2017/18

    @FC Ronaldo Ayew taking the Mkhi
  15. Premier League 16/17 Predictions Competition

    :drool: No idea where that last 2 weeks came from. Thanks for the reminders every week!