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  1. Cavani - Talks ongoing with ManUtd

    There's only a month's difference in age between him and Jamie Vardy
  2. Bluemoon goes into Meltdown

  3. Zlatan

    The rarest of rare players. Able to transcend the game with his larger than life charisma, outrageous talent, and Godly goals. Football will be all the poorer when he finally leaves.
  4. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    Moving Alli on, who do I replace with? Can afford Rashford, or do I go for a J.Rodriguez (already have Martial, so another Utd player isn't essential)
  5. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    None happened. Very odd. They must have intervened given the city and utd assets.
  6. Issue posting on Android

    Same happened with me for a while. Click the cog setting symbol in the toolbar, and this sorted the issue.
  7. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    Why is Justin so heavily preferred to Thomas from Leicester? Both 4.5mil, but Justin seems more temp until Pereira returns, whereas Thomas is no longer understudy at LB now Chilwell has gone so should be permanent.
  8. Spurs Documentary: All or nothing

    Brilliant show. Nothing comes close to this level of insight and intimacy at a top level club (even with the light positive spin). Could watch these type of Documentaries all day.
  9. Spain 2008-2012

    Really don't understand the viewpoint that they were boring to watch at their peak. There is so much to admire and savour when a whole team executes to perfection a technical command of passing and movement in harmony.
  10. Leon Goretzka

    Great attributes all round, barring pace (which is overrated). Him and Kimmich are quite a duo, and also why we shouldn't write off Matic who I think is more of their mould than any other.
  11. Thomas Tuchel confirmed as PSG's new manager

    Eh? First half alone they had at least a couple of gilt edged chances. Result easily could have gone in their favour on another day. Harsh move, should be given another crack at it, if not winning the CL is only criteria for a dismissal.
  12. Is Thiago Silva this generation's best CB?

    Definitely in the conversation, top 5 of this generation. Ahead of the likes of Pique and Ramos based on pure defensive ability.
  13. Transfer Tweets - 2020/21 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    Wow Frank really is getting backed properly here isn't he.
  14. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    Not seen many people opt for Kane in their lineups? Spurs have favourable run with good form, and not many good forwards to choose from
  15. Film Terrible but eminently watchable 90’s action films

    The Rock Sean Connery and Nic Cage