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  1. Cancel Culture

    You’re using a specific occurrence and conflating it as being worse than racism. If it wasn’t so ignorant, it would be funny. The race card is a myth, im not surprised you think it exists though, your posts have demonstrated your lack of understanding of what racism is. No need to discuss...
  2. Cancel Culture

    I've got a number of friends who have done it and their results shift slightly quite often, the rationale as I understand it is, that 23&Me's testing accuracy & pool of samples improves over time when more people submit their DNA.
  3. Cancel Culture

    As far as i'm aware 23&Me doesn't actually tell you your race, it jus tells you the likelihood of where ancestors are from - nationality wise. There's no DNA for race.
  4. Cancel Culture

    The thing is you're reducing racism to an individual act, it's not which is why I said you're reducing racism in the first place. You can't see that, then it's not up to me to make you see it. As for the race card, i'm well aware of it, and it's ridiculousness...
  5. Cancel Culture

    There's many things that affect the ability to get a job, keep a job and advance within a job. I'm sure there's some people who 'use the racism card' to further their career (I don't believe a racism card exists, and it's a stupid phrase) there's many more people who deprive others of jobs...
  6. Cancel Culture

    If this is what you've reduced racism to, it's no wonder you think something as trivial as 'using the racism card to advance your career' is worse.
  7. Cancel Culture

    Great post, but this part particularly? Inject it in my veins.
  8. Westminster Politics

    Use code: TORIES on all applicable orders
  9. Social Media Justice: A "Karen" faces consequences for threatening a Black man with cops

    Probably the best post in this thread, amazing movie :lol:
  10. SARS CoV-2 coronavirus / Covid-19 (No tin foil hat silliness or memes please)

    Ok cool that's good to know, thanks
  11. SARS CoV-2 coronavirus / Covid-19 (No tin foil hat silliness or memes please)

    So basically to achieve 'herd immunity' would take many years of waves & infection peaks to achieve? Greatttt
  12. Protests following the killing of George Floyd

    I don't take kindly to disingenuous questions, when the topic is about black people being killed. If that upsets you, put me on ignore.
  13. Protests following the killing of George Floyd

    There's literally a thread mark for the 'black on black crime' argument. For your sake though 'black on black crime' doesn't exist - it's just crime. Google is free if you have any...
  14. Protests following the killing of George Floyd

    Steve, I love you. Great post. All of the labor is being put on the very oppressed people who are fighting for change, and when those oppressed people act in an undesirable manner (desirability here is defined by the oppressors) they are not worthy of continued support. This yields true in most...
  15. Protests following the killing of George Floyd

    Precisely & it's a good barometer to see who's serious about supporting a movement, and who just wants to be part of a trend. Paraphrasing the words of MLK (as much as I hate quoting MLK because he's been gentrified basically) The very people who are moderate on the issue are the main people...