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  1. Who will go down; Everton, Leeds or Burnley?

    Would rather Leeds be in the premier league than boring Burnley tbf! Those heated derbies are unbelievable and I missed them when they were gone!
  2. Premier League Gameweek 36-37

    Hilarious that you all think Villa will get a result. Title is over irregardless of what happens today. Come on.
  3. Premier League Gameweek 36-37

    Because they’re our local rivals who supplanted us due to a lottery win and like to run our faces in it. Liverpool are a proper club with history.
  4. Premier League Gameweek 36-37

    I will always hate City more than Liverpool
  5. Turning on Rangnick

    When he took the Austria job
  6. Jürgen Klopp Watch

    He really isn’t. Sorry. If we got him when we had the chance, he would be worshipped here.
  7. Christian Eriksen

    Might sound weird, but I’m always worried about his health now! Hope he’s fit and well enough to play, because he’s a lovely bloke. On a footballing level? Would have him in a heartbeat.
  8. Roy Keane's United all-time XI

    I’m in stitches here
  9. Roy Keane's United all-time XI

    Denis Irwin Denis Irwin: left foot right foot, never injured, could play right back or left back, get you a goal, free kicks, when you’re talking about the modern fullback, he was world class, he would be world class today, never injured, 7/10 guaranteed every week
  10. Old Trafford revamp/could be torn down and rebuilt according to Glazer plans

    No idea why you all want this. That place is my entire childhood.
  11. Manchester United vs Watford

    Honestly I thought he was quality. Nice touches, great vision, inventive with the ball, some good defensive moments and positioning, kept the midfield ticking for me. I really like him under Ralf.
  12. Manchester United vs Watford

    Decided to watch the first half without checking the Caf. Usual negativity here. Almost like a joke at this point. Ronaldo has looked great. Fred quality. AWB very good. Matic class. Only Bruno has been a little clumsy today. fantastic first half performance. Pressing football, lots of control...
  13. Atletico Madrid vs Manchester United

    Nonsense. Absolute nonsense.
  14. Atletico Madrid vs Manchester United

    Simeone really does my tits in
  15. Atletico Madrid vs Manchester United

    Simeone a clown on the touchline. People are too easily impressed by touchline theatrics.