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  1. Matheus Cunha | Talksport sources: close to joining United for around €50m

    Linked to a different striker every day! It's almost like we're just trying to make it look like we're trying. Dunno who this lad is but that goal he scored was great. Doubt we're actually signing anyone though because I'm all jaded and stuff.
  2. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    It'll be 5-0. I think Klopp will have them relax after that. Doesn't seem the type to humiliate teams in such a way, thankfully!
  3. Man Utd Players Demand Signings

    Shaw as back-up LB. It's quite impressive of them to go and ask for players to replace themselves though. Clearly they realise they are shit. That, or these are the ones who think they run the place and that it's everyone else who is the problem... ...or someone just made the whole thing up.
  4. Does our form/mess affecting your desire to watch football?

    Absolutely not, and this is the thing that the Glazers seem to be overlooking. If they want this cash cow to continue producing milk, they need to address this. Young fans see the state we're in and are generally not likely to become fans. This was true years ago of casual fans, but will now...
  5. Transfer Tweets - Manchester United - 2022/23 | Follow the OP rules and check the quality of your sources before posting

    No, but we're not in a financial position to buy unless we sell. Have to sell players that someone might actually want.
  6. Raul De Tomas

    Exactly the sort of player we need right now. He plays with speed and intensity that you'd like to see rub off on the oafs playing for us currently.
  7. Being Realistic - Where do we go from here?

    I think if we're being realistic and honest with ourselves, the only way from here is down. The Glazers will not sell the club and they definitely will not do what's needed to fix the club because that would be very expensive, and is beyond their level of understanding. There will not be a...
  8. Hypothetically, if we actually went for major changes to the squad which players would you desperately like to retain?

    Desperately? None of them. I would prefer to keep Sancho, Eriksen, Varane, and I like the look of Malacia. They are the only ones that I imagine would do well at a top club.
  9. Frenkie de Jong | 4th lever pulled | Barca still short.. | next lever selling fan base off?

    Saying that the result today doesn't matter isn't exactly fair. We have been awful for a while, a manager he knows to be good is in charge but still this team look absolutely rotten. If you're a player, any player, you have to think about why that is, and whether you might end up shitting your...
  10. ETH: "We need new players and quality players. We will try and convince them to join." | Mirror: ETH believes FDJ will join Utd over Chelsea

    Well we've been trying to convince one player all summer and he really isn't interested. Maybe try to convince some players who might fancy it.
  11. Frenkie de Jong | 4th lever pulled | Barca still short.. | next lever selling fan base off?

    FdJ really won't be looking to come here and join our relegation scrap. We should be moving on and trying to bring in some players with fight.
  12. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Genuinely could be a record-breaking game this.
  13. Transfer signings up until the end of the window

    Unfortunately, any deals we might try to rush through now in a panic (as usual) will have another 10 or 20 million added to them at least. And those players will want to think long and hard before agreeing to come join our relegation battle.
  14. Are we really this bad?

    At this point we should be trying to look for positives. This season we're likely to give many teams an 'historic win'. We're spreading genuine joy among opposition fans wherever we go and that's got to count for something!
  15. Brentford vs Manchester United

    I wonder how long it'll be before Erikson and Malacia join the hive mind and are ambling mindlessly around...