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  1. Lisandro Martinez

  2. Christian Eriksen

    Its all rather quiet with all our targets (Malacia, De Jong, Eriksen) Are we looking to announce them all in one go?
  3. Tyrell Malacia | Romano: Here we go..

    This is what I've said before in previous poss. I'd take attitude and application over talent in this new United side. Players that are willing to learn and apply themselves will inevitably develop the talent necessary to succeed. I believe SAF placed a strong emphasis on the mentality of a player.
  4. Are the lads back in training yet?

    True they're all not very comfortable but it might be that the system that they're asked to play as per the below post. Agreed. Oh man these training updates sure make me very happy :drool:
  5. Are the lads back in training yet?

    Doesn't help that we have defenders who are not comfortable on the ball so that kind of playstyle would be difficult to implement but I do agree with your post which is why a ball playing CB is important in such a setup. I don't see that currently in Maguire and Lindelof. Maybe Varane
  6. Lisandro Martinez

    What fault? His size? Its been shown in 2 videos already how he handled Nunez and Haaland. People are just trolling in this thread now.
  7. Lisandro Martinez

    This is what impresses me most. Check out that distribution, and this from a CB.
  8. Tyrell Malacia | Romano: Here we go..

    This is even a better showing of what Malacia is capable of against a skillful player like Antony. He's going to be awesome at LB for us :)
  9. Are the lads back in training yet?

    I mean I'd love to see us adopt a playing style that gets the goalkeeper involved in the buildup play. Problem is is De Gea up to that task to be more involved in that phase of the game. It would make him a much better goalkeeper than he already is. Lets hope ETH can 'unlock' a bit more of De...
  10. Are the lads back in training yet?

    All top teams play the ball out from the back and for that you need a goalkeeper comfortable on the ball. I'm hoping Ten Hag can somehow coach that into De Gea because we're going to need more than just an out-and-out shot stopper to challenge for top honors.
  11. Lisandro Martinez

    I made previous post about Martinez's ability to step into the base of midfield and operate as DM. This sort of versatility as both a CB and DM would be highly beneficial to this new United side. Blind has done that for Ajax quite brilliantly. I don't get this obsession with a DM destroyer...
  12. Frenkie de Jong

    Jongs out ?!
  13. Greatest Dribbler of All Time

    Shaun Goater
  14. Frenkie de Jong

    Yeah I'm tucking my Jong back in for now
  15. Are the lads back in training yet?

    Thanks for the training videos. Very interesting to see the players being put through their paces by the new coaching setup.