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    I used to, but then I realized it was because I was already depressed in general life. United amplified it. A couple years later I’m in a much better headspace and it all just rolls off my back. When we win and play well I enjoy it. When they...
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    To be fair he’s learning the off the ball better than any of our attackers at this point. His run for the header was Bruno’s wet dream and clearly something James didn’t have in the locker a year ago. However his inability to protect/shield the...
  • WR10 replied to the thread Daniel James | 2020/21 Performances.
    Poor mans Ji sung park
  • How many? Haaland
  • He is actually being marked this season. Last was a write off letting an unproven kid run around
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    Alright. This season is over for us again and we can now reflect. We learned with Cavanis glimpses of brilliance that a proper striker elevates this team to new highs. I honestly do not think there will be a better striker in top leagues for the...
  • I know who would lose in a game of chicken then
  • Crop everything out except for Victor's flying knee knockout. It will slide right into a UFC highlight reel
  • Out of the title race - nothing is stopping that juggernaut city team let’s be honest. It’s our usual fight for top 4 again
  • I really wished he put his hands on his hips after that goal and turned to look at the cameras
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    Ruthless. Clearly attacking patterns of play in training were on show today. We are now officially the top scoring team in the premier league. Yes.
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    Wow. That composure and tight control in tight spaces is what Pep’s wet dreams are made of.
  • There was a point in second half where he had just pissed away 4-5 possessions in row. He immediately looked to have flicked a switch and went more Thiago style possession. He then started carving key chances 1 out of 5 passes while not giving...
  • There will be a day he scores 4-5 goals in a game and we’ll think it’s normal. Don’t ever forget that thought while watching him grow. Yes he is that special.
  • He’s a classical Right/left sided midfielder in a midfield 3. Not really any good at defending, not really any good at risk taking (eliminates him from CDM and #10 positions automatically). Yet we don’t have a set up that allows him to play the...