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  • He should be sacked. Liverpool will embarrass him on the way out
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    It works. Full stop
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    Sancho is so exciting to watch. I am glad Rashford is back. His ball retention in the final third gives the team stability
  • Beat city and Liverpool and we’re top of the league
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    I can’t get enough of watching him play. He is everything I wanted James to do. Every time he has possession it either results in advancement or a key pass. It’s exactly all you need with a winger. If he had a system that allowed him predictable...
  • He's leaving in the winter mate
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    This is a publicly-traded company. They wish to keep it steady ship in having the manager their yes man. It helps with the image and market identity. The club's market identity is worth a whole lot more to the glazers than the on-field...
  • 95% of this forum have absolutely no clue how a public companies finances work. Regardless - this is extremely bearish for United’s future. They sold at a ~13% discount to the market price. You don’t do that unless you’re projecting some very...
  • xG and xPts is why. Objectively - this team has not been performing well. It’s been a great predictor of future results. After 3 years with Ole and his inability to deliver when it matters you’d only be insane to assume that will change moving...
  • Every person and their donkey said start the best XI right before an international break. It’s not even hindsight.
  • Something looked fishy on the chart last week when I sold at $20. The glazers know Ole is not the one.
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    Bingo. When there’s an automatic system of play your rhythm just hums. You don’t miss a beat. What you’re seeing is just noise on a pitch. No harmony. Oles fault
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    Shot. If he missed, it’s ok replays would have showed Mina offside anyway.
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    Conte. He will snap this team into a system of play with fiery discipline.
  • I can’t believe someone with such god given scoring talent like Mason is being asked to defend into his own half. What a waste of talent. He’s being shoehorned into a position that is only because no one has the balls to drop Ronaldo