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  1. Television Anyone recommend me any TV Shows?

    Finished Season 1 of The Bureau and so far it's lived up to the hype!
  2. Gaming FIFA 21

    Sounds like the final 2-3 years of Antonio Valencia's United career.
  3. Tennis 2020

    Coric lost to Rublev in St. Peteresburg as well. That's his 4th title of the year!
  4. Gaming Xbox Series X and S (Consoles) - launching 10th November 2020. Phil Spencer : "Learn English or p off"

    Phil Spencer said that the Series S can actually even load some games faster than the Series X due to the lower end graphics on it as compared to the bigger machine. I've purchased the Series S as well and the only real issue is the 512 GB space tbh but I'm not a serious gamer and I do already...
  5. Gaming Xbox Series X and S (Consoles) - launching 10th November 2020. Phil Spencer : "Learn English or p off"

    The BBC video did say they'll be releasing a review about it soon. Lets hope so!
  6. Television Dexter | 14th October: Coming back for a limited run

    Always expected this to return someday with the way it ended. Just not 7 years later though :lol:
  7. Television Fargo (tv series)

    Only seen the first three but I completely agree with this. It's just got a different feel to it this time but still makes for compelling vieiwing.
  8. Greatest mens tennis player of all time

    Federer will most definitely win one more Wimbledon imo. He's still the second best player on the surface after Novak and all he needs is one season where an upset occurs and someone takes out Novak before the final.
  9. Greatest mens tennis player of all time

    Nadal does very well at both the AO and W even though he's not won there in ages. He'd clearly forgotten how to play at W but his last two runs have been impressive and he's only lost to the only two players better than him on the surface. If he can finally get a draw where he doesn't have...
  10. Greatest mens tennis player of all time

    I am quite sure Djokovic will be GOAT but it's going to be pretty amusing to see pundits, journalists and fans squirm and try and get out of "total Slams" as their primary parameter for judging who the GOAT is :lol:
  11. Greatest mens tennis player of all time

    As for this, I think if you're good enough, you'll adapt to the surface. Nadal had something like 5-6 career matches on grass IIRC, before his 2006 Wimbledon and then he went on two reach five finals in a row on the surface.
  12. Greatest mens tennis player of all time

    Something Rafa has done twice and one of them with a title at Queens thrown in as well :)
  13. Tennis 2020

    This. When it comes to "doping" and the ability to run and run for 5-6 hours, even the likes of Murray, Thiem and Medvedev are more the capable of it. Unless you think all of tennis is doping?
  14. Tennis 2020

    It's obviously nonsense that comes from Federer fans who haven't been able to come to terms with the fact that they couldn't have Roddick and Hewitt to compete with their entire careers. Nadal and Djokovic can transition from defense to attack brilliantly and we've seen that a lot over the...
  15. Greatest mens tennis player of all time

    I don't know if it requires more "skill" than winning the others but the fact the GOATs of the game like Novak, Federer and Sampras have a grand total of 2 between them speaks a lot about just how difficult a Slam it is to win. Point construction is extremely important and just having a huge...