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  1. Auction Draft Chaos 2021

    Going to bed now so any queries i will pick up tomorrow morning.
  2. Auction Draft Chaos 2021

    @Physiocrat @NM @Edgar Allan Pillow
  3. Auction Draft Chaos 2021

    @Pat_Mustard @GodShaveTheQueen @Gio @Synco @Michaelf7777777
  4. Auction Draft Chaos 2021

    Auction will open at 15:00 BST tomorrow, can start earlier if all managers check in before then. Also gives time to digest the rules and ask any questions you may have.
  5. Auction Draft Chaos 2021

    Teams & remaining balance (losing teams) Ecstatic - 1. M. Desailly (150m) 2. M. Kaltz (30m) 3) Rivaldo (70m) 4. Zico (160m) 5. K. Navas (20m) 6. P. Vieira (90m) 7. H. Chumpitaz (40m) 8. Kante (20m) 9. L.Hernandez (20m) 10. Buy/Sell Eto'o (loss 10m) 11. Careca (20m) 12 Marquinhos (20m) 13 Crespo...
  6. Auction Draft Chaos 2021
    Threadmarks: Reinforcement round 1

    Reinforcement round RF.1 - Auction/trade rules as per the first round. RF.2 - Price of players that have already been bought by losing teams start at the price they were bought for. RF.3 - Squads can be reduced to 11 players however your 12/13th player from the last round has to play and cannot...
  7. Music Best Solo Artist in Pop Music History

    Don't think you can have one without the other. But things like this are entirely subjective, everyone has their own favourite.
  8. Music Best Solo Artist in Pop Music History

    Michael. He's a superstar in pretty much every corner of the globe.
  9. Auction Draft Chaos 2021 R1 - Skizzo vs Pat Mustard

    Good luck @Skizzo @Pat_Mustard
  10. Auction Draft Chaos 2021 R1 - Skizzo vs Pat Mustard

    Skizzo VS Pat Mustard Skizzo Tactics Keep it short and simple right now, not much changing from the first match. Simonsen coming in to the right wing spot to offer some width down the flank and also to cause some focus in that left defense zone of Pat's defense. Basic idea to keep a...
  11. Auction Draft Chaos 2021

  12. Auction Draft Chaos 2021

    Will post in a bit, some teams were really close and sperated by a .1
  13. Auction Draft Chaos 2021 R1 - Himannv vs Gio

    Hope all is well, thanks for taking part.
  14. Swiss Ramble twitter thread on Glazers ownership

    Maybe there's a lack of awareness? Or simply not enough people care enough? But it's a very easy thing to do and you will be better financially for it too.
  15. Swiss Ramble twitter thread on Glazers ownership

    We've known this for over 15 years, it's not new information, that's why I haven't spent a penny on official United products for over a decade . Stop buying the official merchandise and start boycotting the games when it hits their pockets they will listen. Also why I found it strange some...