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  1. In hindsight, was Wayne Rooney right to question the club’s ambitions?

    Definitely yes. He was frustrated at the direction of the club at the time.
  2. Who should be United's Captain in 2020/21?

    Stick with Maguire, not a fan throw player under the bus.
  3. 2020 Europa League Final - Inter Milan v Sevilla

    Truly King of Europa. Well done Sevilla Redemption arc by Lopetegui
  4. How would you rate United's 19/20 Season?

    7/10. Better than expected at the end. We could do better with transfer. Getting 3 semifinals and 3rd place are not bad for first full season of Ole.
  5. How come Ole can only get a semi?

    Some says it is a treble.
  6. Post match vs Sevilla

    Too late for the subs and our strikers are not clinicial.Besides, Sevilla always get the result in Europa competition.
  7. Sanchez's return | is not happening - he signs for Inter

    Real relief for this transfer. Shame we never see the Best of Sanchez for United.
  8. Apart from his passing, what did Smalling actually do wrong? And are you against him coming back next season?

    I’d take chance on Smalling. He still a decent defender in my books. Sure, if tuanzebe is not injured, I would rather start tuanzebe.
  9. Finishing 3rd, 33 points off PL winners, and no Trophy (yet) is utter rubbish and shouldn't be celebrated...

    Not celebration but I’m looking forward next season. The right investment is crucial. Happy for Ole because he gambled with thin squads and paid off.
  10. Play the kids for Europa [Poll added]

    Another trophy collection would be nice.
  11. Lampard's Touchline Meltdown...Allegedly!

    Love Fat Frank
  12. Will dippers throw the game vs Chelsea?

    Most of them are in holiday mood. Can’t say they will take it seriously.
  13. Thinking the unthinkable : Winning the League next season - It's alright, we're on

    We still need investment 3 or 4 players and keeping Pogba happy.