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  • We don't generally encourage people to join up just to advertise things.

    We especially don't then post them in the main section of the forums. That's part of why there is a newbie - to weed out spammers and advertisers and such.

    Even though you've probably got the best of intentions (which is why I'm not banning you or anything), I can't paste that all over the main forums for you.

    But now you've posted once about your tournament and there wasn't any interest in the newbies then that's pretty much it - because after that it would become spam and it would become ban-worthy.

    Good luck with your tournament though.

    Hello Jason!
    My name is Slavik.
    I represent NGO Karpaty (
    This summer we organised in Lviv (Ukraine) an international tournament "Eurofan-2009".
    We had 15 fans' teams :
    Zenit (Russia), Liverpool (England), Rangers (Scotland),
    Bohemians (Czech Rep.), Schalke (Germany),
    Ostrovia (Poland),
    Rapid (Austria), Heerenveen (Holland),
    Inter, Chievo (both - Italy), Atletico (Spain),
    Wales fans' team, Croatia fans' team,
    Karpaty (Ukraine) and
    Ukrainian showbiz stars FC Maestro.

    First 3 teams:
    1.Rangers , 2.Karpaty , 3.Inter .
    Below are some links:

    We think about "Eurofan-2010" now, it will be held probably
    during the World Cup.

    We'd like to invite MU fans' team to "Eurofan-2010".
    Is it possible to place this invitation on the forum?
    I've already registered on the newbies section but I'm afraid it won't draw much attention...
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