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    1. Bearded but no genius
      We don't generally encourage people to join up just to advertise things.

      We especially don't then post them in the main section of the forums. That's part of why there is a newbie - to weed out spammers and advertisers and such.

      Even though you've probably got the best of intentions (which is why I'm not banning you or anything), I can't paste that all over the main forums for you.

      But now you've posted once about your tournament and there wasn't any interest in the newbies then that's pretty much it - because after that it would become spam and it would become ban-worthy.

      Good luck with your tournament though.

    2. slavik
      Hello Jason!
      My name is Slavik.
      I represent NGO Karpaty (
      This summer we organised in Lviv (Ukraine) an international tournament "Eurofan-2009".
      We had 15 fans' teams :
      Zenit (Russia), Liverpool (England), Rangers (Scotland),
      Bohemians (Czech Rep.), Schalke (Germany),
      Ostrovia (Poland),
      Rapid (Austria), Heerenveen (Holland),
      Inter, Chievo (both - Italy), Atletico (Spain),
      Wales fans' team, Croatia fans' team,
      Karpaty (Ukraine) and
      Ukrainian showbiz stars FC Maestro.

      First 3 teams:
      1.Rangers , 2.Karpaty , 3.Inter .
      Below are some links:

      We think about "Eurofan-2010" now, it will be held probably
      during the World Cup.

      We'd like to invite MU fans' team to "Eurofan-2010".
      Is it possible to place this invitation on the forum?
      I've already registered on the newbies section but I'm afraid it won't draw much attention...
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