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  1. This is progress!

    I would say that he has been doing all of the above. He's presented facts to back up his arguments throughout.
  2. This is progress!

    I think you and Redsky are pissing in the wind trying to convince that guy. He obviously just has a glass half empty view about the team and you've both more than effectively countered any of his issues
  3. This is progress!

    Good post. Completely agree
  4. This is progress!

    I think its more that he really wants it to be true
  5. This is progress!

    You keep pedalling this pessimistic view of everything despite the data telling us otherwise.
  6. This is progress!

    Its an ongoing trait on here to downplay our victories yet fail to look at any of the circumstances involved when we lose
  7. This is progress!

    One of the things that impresses me about these recent summer signings is that they all give us something different from a tactical viewpoint Telles wasn't signed simply to give us depth at left-back. He has a different skillset to Shaw, and if the Paris match is anything to go by, he really...
  8. Should we consider selling Pogba?

    Noted. Let's wait and see
  9. This is progress!

    This is a little over the top and missing the tone of what I was hoping to achieve with this thread. All I intended to put forward here is that we are making progress. Not that we've made it, or that we are an outstanding team, or favourites to win trophies. My point was that after almost 2...
  10. Should we consider selling Pogba?

    See you're going too far the other way now. Let's be clear about this. Pogba is a supremely talented player, not one that needs to find a weak league to succeed and be put in the Sanchez bracket. Thats ridiculous. Seems pointless arguing about something neither of us can prove so let's just...
  11. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    I'm doubtful. Its 4 days after a match that he wasn't considered to be ready for from the bench. How much progress can he possibly have made in that time.
  12. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    It must be tempting for Ole to stick with the system we started with last night. We look so solid, compact and comfortable playing that way and the options we can call on from the bench are a major headache for the opposition. So easy to switch it up completely and force them to reorganise -...
  13. So what happens with our backline once Maguire is back in the mix?

    Agree with every word. I had Maguire as my POTY last season and stand by it
  14. This is progress!

    If we can take 7 points out of the next 3 it will start to feel like a potential title challenge
  15. January....

    Agree with this. If we can move on the 4 or 5 that are hanging around the place then it can only help us next summer. We are unlikely to miss Romero, Jones, Rojo, Lingard. Ighalo will leave. Prob about £20m in annual salary right there.