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  1. Frank Lampard's Sack Watch / Sacked

    Quality post mate!
  2. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    As I say, its all good.
  3. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    Its all good so far but I'll be happier when we beat a good side.
  4. Who had or has the hardest shot?

    I believe the crowd used to sing "90 miles an hour, 90 miles an hour".
  5. Who had or has the hardest shot?

    I like dirty. I think "hardest shot" refers more to the strength the player puts into the kick whereas "fastest shot" relates to the speed of the ball afterwards. I know the two are directly related but I wanted it to be more about the effort of the player. Spin and bend may come into it. Does...
  6. Champions League | Matchday 6

    Erm this happened last week. Why would Chelsea's Premier League squad sheet of last week be posted in the Champions League thread a week later? Sorry mate but this is old news and we all think big Pete is better than Kepa and younger than Willy. I would love to see him on the bench.
  7. Did Jamie Vardy make the right decision to reject Arsenal in 16/17?

    Could have, would have, should have.
  8. Who had or has the hardest shot?

    It would depend upon how ugly the keeper was beforehand.
  9. Why are pundits so bad? Especially ex United players

    For me Gary Neville has changed since he became a pundit. He started off quite impartial before he went into management but ever since then he appears to have an agenda. His first attempts were really quite good but I can't bear him now. I think his experience of management has embittered him...
  10. Who had or has the hardest shot?

    Michael Essien.
  11. Who had or has the hardest shot?

    You literally cannot see it until its in the net.
  12. Who had or has the hardest shot?

    Robert Huth had a shot on him. He also did this.
  13. Who had or has the hardest shot?

    A little infantile I'll admit but who in your opinion has ever kicked the ball the hardest? Going vintage it was often said that Jimmy Case had a hard shot. Personally I'd like to think that Micky Droy hit it harder, albeit less frequently, but nobody will have heard of him. It will be just...
  14. Petr Cech retiring at end of the season

    Big Pete is on the way back...
  15. Petr Cech retiring at end of the season

    I know its an exaggeration but he won that match. Drogba may have scored the equaliser and final penalty but Cech saved the penalties. He went the right way and got something on every penalty Bayern took. Its harder to save a penalty than it is to score one.