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  • Hello,
    Am I allowed to post a football youtube link into a thread about a player doing certain skills?
    I believe so...
    lol. well at least If I get banned then I can say, "nothing" you'll still be an admin and I'll be.....well.....banned
    Derailing in what context? For making my prefrences known, saying Messi hasn't excite me thus far, the way Ronaldinho, Zidane and Totti ever did, yet having people coming in to bash me because I don't bow at Messi's altar, which I tried to defend myself.
    You would do well to also ban those who started the arguement in the first place, if not you're impartial and unjust.
    And the reason for the ban? Was there an insult?
    I wish people in power would be fair for once.
    I want to let you know that one of your admins by the name of Solius has been causing trouble for myself & other folks. Solius was extremely rude & condescending in some of his replies to me & he deleted my posts, despite all my posts followed the guideline of Solius is a bully to myself & others & he's using his power as an admin to bully & harass. I sincerely hope something can be done about Solius.

    I've made a few posts in the Full forum but erroneously it seems my status has reverted to Newbie ? I can no longer post in the full forums but it seems I can in the Newbie forums.

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