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  1. Frenkie De Jong

    Barca are in some shite aren't they? There's no way they'd be discussing a transfer for him in normal circumstances. He would absolutely transform our midfield!
  2. 2 Senior Players Scrap At Training

    I heard they threw their hair gel at each other it got that heated
  3. Westminster Politics: PM breaks the law

    Which was undoubtedly their intention from the start to distract from their poor local election results
  4. Westminster Politics: PM breaks the law

    It's almost as if they CONTROL the media narrative :eek:
  5. Mino Raiola has died

    Whatever you thought of him, he was a human being, a life. RIP
  6. Are pundits and fans exaggerating how bad we've been?

    No, as all above have said. By far and away the easiest game for any other team to play.
  7. Gary Neville was dead to me | Maybe dead again

    It's like he's only just realising how shite we are :lol:
  8. Steve McClaren | Yessh our new assistant coach

    Regardless of what anyone thinks of the appointment, what I like about him already is that he's that confident in his decision making already that he can convince our board to go with him on a decision he makes. The "it's my way or the highway" approach in full effect.
  9. Steve McClaren | Yessh our new assistant coach

    100% this, usually in any walk of life, the blame and responsibility for poor results will always fall on the manager. But here on the caf and among Utd fans in general, we tend to have anyone as a scapegoat. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the tea lady is called out for drugging the players...
  10. Manchester United's Chief Scout and Head of Global Scouting have left the club

    It means the club have finally realised the mistakes these people have made in recruitment?
  11. Erik ten Hag - Ajax Manager

    No matter what you think of Ralf, he has some brass to say that about his players publicly :lol:
  12. Sliver of hope: an actual manager will be hired soon

    Let's be honest, if this doesn't make any difference to our fortunes then this club is cursed :lol:
  13. Post match vs Liverpool

    I don't think it matters how well they play and they know that. The wage structure at Utd has been so broken for so long that no club would be willing to pay, even if they were playing better than they are. Their wages do not justify it.
  14. Erik ten Hag - Ajax Manager

    Ten... I see what he did there I'll get my coat