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  1. 'The Streets won't forget' thread

    Muddy fields of 00s russian league won't forget.
  2. Greatest players never to win a club trophy

    Uwe Bein Viktor Ponedelnik
  3. Top 10 Greats

    The '50s and earlier greats suffer greatly from the lack of good quality footage. I don't believe it's really possible to compare them to greats from more recent decades with hundreds of games available in better quality, other than on the more statistical and team accomplishment side of things...
  4. Awful penalty takers

    Not sure if they are fully accurate, but transfermarkt has Batistuta as scoring 25 and missing 9.
  5. David Beckham vs Trent Alexander-Arnold

    Keep in mind winning the English league wasn't as highly regarded in the 90s, it didn't start getting back into being one of the top 3 coefficient leagues until a season or two later in the 00s. I think it was still around about 5th or 6th for 98 and 99, while Spain was in the top 3.
  6. General discussion thread

    Some footage of Hennady Lytovchenko, one of the top tier of '80s ussr midfielders. and part of the Euro 88 team. He has became known for his excellent right-foot passing and shooting, vision and partnership with Protasov at Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, who had their years as a title-challenger mostly...
  7. Do you believe in the Football Gods?

    If they are real then results suggest the strongest russian football god is probably a constantly hibernating or drunk bear, or a hopelessly incompetent/corrupt figurehead completely out of touch with the hopes of the humble football fan.
  8. Match Compilations

    I think all the one-twos and short collective passing attempts are a Peru national team stylistic trademark in general, probably coming from one of their top club teams back then. Almost all the games i've ever watched them in are full of it, from 60s to the last world cup like it's a very...
  9. Tackling means bad positioning myth

    The first time i remember reading the " slide tackling is a result of bad positioning" opinion from a player was a Xabi Alonso interview during Spain's dominant years.
  10. Famous/great goals that had questionable goalkeeping

    Not that i'll argue that keepers haven't improved, but they did dive. This is a quite distinct mistake from Yashin, not some regular technique.
  11. Famous/great goals that had questionable goalkeeping

    Beckenbauer's winning goal vs Yashin for the '66 semi-final. It's a powerful shot, but Yashin seems to have been well positioned to save it, yet seems to think it's going wide at the last second and ends up making no attempt to save it.
  12. What does a European Super League look like?

    Half of European club football was state owned for decades, many clubs in Russia and others are still mostly propped up by government budgets. Of course they weren't/aren't rich and successful enough to get angry about.
  13. General discussion thread

    It's only the greek league, but this is one of the more impressive goals collections i've seen in years in terms of players i've not been too familiar with before. Seems he had the offer to move to Juventus in late '80s, but Panathinaikos refused to sell.
  14. Crowdless Isn't Fun

    I've adapted to it quickly after watching some of the bundesliga games. Obviously it's not ideal atmosphere compared to a proper attendance, but i watch football due to enjoying the sport, not to soak up the atmosphere or as a background to socialising.
  15. Players who instantly lifted a team upon arrival

    Karpin's return to Real Sociedad for the 2002-03 season.