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  1. Jamie Carragher on Mourinho

    It's very easy for an Arsenal fan to talk of stability when Wenger has been in charge for nearly 20 years. When he goes they'll be dragged into the reality of the managerial merry-go-round like we have. With the exception of Ferguson and Wenger you show me a top successful club that doesn't end...
  2. LVG Out Thread | BBC: Sacked!

    Thats horrible to watch. Looks a broken man there.
  3. LVG Out Thread | BBC: Sacked!

    I kind of feel sorry for Van Gaal a bit, he cuts a sad figure at the moment with his body language and some of his quotes. I think his style of football is dated and he's too set in his ways to adapt in any way. There is a degree of arrogance and stubbornness in there for sure and he has to...
  4. Sergio Ramos | Signs new 5 year contract

    I reckon there's more to this than just signing a player like Ramos. I think it's us sending out a message to Real that they can't just come and easily take away our best players as i'm sure they thought they'd do with De Gea.
  5. Transfer Tweets - 2014/15 | Stay On Topic & No Blacklisted Tweets (see OP)

    Didn't realise Falcao could play in a back 3 or central midfield as well....I'm hoping he's a smokescreen as we are working on signing someone else in the background! Or we are being used to drum up business for other clubs. Signing a 29 year old striker coming back from a serious injury, in a...
  6. So, the Glazers. Are they parasites? Blame game topic.

    It's not exactly been pissed away though has it? Mata, Shaw and Herrera are good signings, Fellaini money was pissed away i'll give you that! What we are doing now is catching up for the previous years of underinvestment in the squad.
  7. Transfer budget glass ceiling

    That's a bit much tbf!
  8. So, the Glazers. Are they parasites? Blame game topic.

    I think it's hard not to argue the squad is in the state it is now due to a lack of investment under the last few years of Fergie. Our net spend during that time would back it up as well. It remains to be seen if the Glazers are prepared to invest heavily to the level required. We'll have an...
  9. Transfer budget glass ceiling Manchester United vs Swansea: Glazers can avoid their responsibility no longer Avi Glazer, a parasitic presence in the Old Trafford directors’...
  10. Arturo Vidal

    With posts like that I have to wonder why you were!
  11. Arturo Vidal

    I stopped reading that at the Woodward has done amazing part.
  12. Arturo Vidal

    I think it's time to give this one up people! I still remain hopeful we'll sign another midfielder but it won't be Vidal.
  13. Twitter Discussion [Archive]

    Might want to check the date on that one! Providing it's not a WUM of course...