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  1. Fulham vs Manchester United

    Areola wants to play for utd
  2. Fulham vs Manchester United

    Without Cavani we dont celebrate that goal. We should always play with a proper number 9
  3. Fulham vs Manchester United

    After yellow teeths moaning they will blow the whistle a lot less from now on. Fecking bastard
  4. Post match vs Liverpool

    Glad that since Brunos form dropped, others have stepped up their game. We dont feel so over reliant of bruno as a couple of months ago.
  5. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Always feels like that on here
  6. The MMA thread

    :lol: :lol: :lol: max dodging strikes while yelling at kattars corner
  7. The MMA thread

    I think its been to one sided to be foty
  8. The MMA thread

    Maxs precision is insane!
  9. Timo Werner | Chelsea Player

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. The MMA thread

    Actually, i just want to see khabib keep fighting. In my world, khabib moves up and fight usman
  11. The MMA thread

    I think many fans wants that rematch to happen man. You've said it before that you don't care but there are many reasons ($) for it to happen again. Imagine all the trash talk behind, and the hype behind it. That stuff is what dana and the fans love. Me, i wouldnt mind the rematch. I love both...
  12. The MMA thread

    The best kick of the 2020 gets sent to jupiter by a kick starting the 2021 What a sport
  13. The curious case of Martial’s finishing

    I dont wanna complain much since we are top of the table. But personally, Martial has been the most dissapointing player for me because of his finishing. I reckon if he was banging those sitters we would be 9 points clear at the top rn. I really like the guy but if he cant score those one on...
  14. Burnley vs Manchester United

    Arrrh what a sh*t team burnley is. Only long balls to the box. Im glad were winning with a deflected shot. Hope they go to the championship where they belong
  15. Burnley vs Manchester United

    Omg tony. His confidence is shattered