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  1. Jürgen Klopp Watch | "Man United had more penalties in two years than me in five and a half years"

    Bloody hell what an absolute fuss over nothing. Never would have scored from there, he wouldn’t even have collected it had we not all stopped the moment the whistle went. Goes to show how desperate they are that this is the biggest controversy they can manufacture out of the game.
  2. Referees influencing games by not giving yellows

    It needs to be stopped, City and Liverpool in particular have become excellent at deliberately fouling to break up attacks to make it look in innocuous. It’s a blight on the game.
  3. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    It wasn’t a cowardly setup, what a load of absolute bollocks. Setup and tactics were fine, mentality issues seem to be with some of the players but we were the better team for 70 minutes of the game and created two game-winning chances that should have taken us to three points. At some point the...
  4. Post match vs Liverpool

    We were the better team apart from the first 20 minutes, should have won the game but we’re not in the best form. Bruno and Rashford are our two key players and neither are firing right now.
  5. Marcus Rashford MBE | 2020/21 Performances

    He only plays so much because he’s rapid, but he’s massively out of form. So irritating when we broke 2 on 2 and he ran in to a dead end when the pass was on. Needs to be dropped for now.
  6. Luke Shaw | 2020/21 Performances

    Best LB in the league this season.
  7. Post match vs Liverpool

    Greenwood only played 3 minutes of the game.:lol:
  8. Thiago Alcântara | Liverpool* Player

    Such a fecking nasty twat, can’t stand him.
  9. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    It seems to be more the players than Ole.
  10. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Will Thiago ever get booked? This is ridiculous. Should have been sent off twice by now with all these deliberate fouls to break up play.
  11. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    I hate this game, we’ve been the best team.
  12. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Liverpool did a foul throw in the first half and it wasn’t given. Fine, call Shaw on it, but let’s be consistent. The concept of foul throws should be abandoned anyway, it’s a pointless rule.
  13. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    This game is so frustrating. This game is there for the taking.
  14. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Our decision-making in and around the box is just bizarre.
  15. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Even in out absolute prime and Liverpool at their worst, we’ve struggled at Anfield.