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  1. Title race/top 4 race

    Our time will come back around.
  2. Premier League Gameweek 15

    Maybe. The big problem is there isn’t likely going to be a better manager available, or even one anywhere near his level.
  3. Premier League Gameweek 15

    They will 100% feck up his replacement, it’s just the way it goes. Same with us, same with Arsenal. Just have to wait it out until he leaves, I doubt he’ll do another 20 years like the old days. He’ll probably quit once his current crop need replacing, it’s really hard work building a title...
  4. The Smith-Rowe strike that gave Arsenal the lead. Correct decision?

    Correct decision but everyone keeps saying ESR wasn’t to know, when you can clearly see he glances at the goal before he even receives the ball, and likely took the shot on because he knew De Gea was on the deck. He’s within his rights to play by the whistle, though it’s a bit dickish to take to...
  5. I see the 'ABU' Media are back in full voice...

    This guy talks a monumental amount of shite.
  6. Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

    My boss is a Palace fan. Hope we batter them.
  7. Diogo Dalot | 2021/22 Performances

    Good performance, I’m sure played up for the new manager which is exactly how it should be. I’m curious to see if Rangnick approaches this squad as a blank slate, Dalot could stake a claim ahead of AWB.
  8. Michael Carrick leaves Manchester United

    Best of luck to him, top player for us and sound bloke too. Good note on which to leave.
  9. Manchester United vs Arsenal

    Why are we trying to see it out like this? We can control this game.
  10. Martin Atkinson

    He’s rubbish. Should never need a monitor for that.
  11. How to defend these cutbacks?

    Stop the cross, track the runners.
  12. Manchester United vs Arsenal

    The front three rotated against Villarreal.
  13. Manchester United vs Arsenal

    Yes they do. It’s about avoiding injury.
  14. Manchester United vs Arsenal

    You can clearly see him look at De Gea before the ball even reaches him. Play to the whistle, sure, I just think it’s a bit scummy. Fergie wouldn’t have his teams do that.
  15. Manchester United vs Arsenal

    It’s a clear goal but they should give one back. He knew DDG was down and took the shot anyway. No obligation to stop the game but really unsporting.