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  1. Westminster Politics

  2. Erm.. The Number 7 shirt..

    I guess I'm flat out lying then. When was it a "absolutely a thing"? Until Ronaldo wore it, there was no significance. It's a recent invention and not some lengthy tradition handed down through the years.
  3. Erm.. The Number 7 shirt..

    In those 15 years it's been primarily worn by a collection of run of the mill players. The no 7 shirt was not a thing in the 90s. It seems to have become one due to the Cantona to Beckham (who only wore 7 because he played on the right of midfield and that was the standard practice) to Ronaldo...
  4. Brexited | the worst threads live the longest

    ...and associate absolutely any subsequent objection under the same bracket. Funnily enough the remain campaign didn't create the expression. It's sloganeering bullshit politics of the highest order.
  5. Erm.. The Number 7 shirt..

    Since when? I don't recall it even being a thing until about fifteen years ago. Robson, Cantona, Ronaldo. That's it. Best mostly wore 11. It's bollocks.
  6. Brexited | the worst threads live the longest

    @Maticmaker It wasn't actually "Project Fear". That was the collective political slogan used by the leave campaign to absolutely any objection to leaving the EU whatsoever. It didn't play into anyone's hands rather it was a tactic of manipulation and avoidance and they continue to use those...
  7. Erm.. The Number 7 shirt..

    It was never a bloody thing to begin with.
  8. Was Sanchez our worst ever transfer?

    Yes. ...and Veron shouldn't be anywhere near this conversation.
  9. Giant Explosion In Lebanon

    Grenfell? Edit: I see I was beaten to it.
  10. Music Do any Music acts get better with age ?

    I'm really not sure most bands get better after their debut. "Difficult second album" etc.
  11. Manchester United vs LASK

    4 games potentially.
  12. Jadon Sancho - "White Smoke over Old Trafford"

    Not to worry! Your English is great and such idioms in foreign languages are always a minefield. I humiliate myself in French quite regularly.
  13. Jadon Sancho - "White Smoke over Old Trafford"

    To stand corrected means to have had an error pointed out and that you accept the correction.
  14. FA Cup Final 2020 - Arsenal v Chelsea

    How much less could you care?