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  1. Winston Churchill

    Mate, you're not allowed to say anything anymore. My comment about George Orwell was well placed. Say any opinion that people don't agree with and you're racist, Islamophobic or some other nonsense. People love to be outraged. Is racism terrible, yes! Is discrimination stupid, yes ! Do I have...
  2. Winston Churchill

    As opposed to the argument that statues should be torn down for what? There is actually no benefit to tearing them down. And to the responses saying that statues serve no purpose as an education tool, that's utter nonsense. For example, 7million people a year visit the Lincoln Memorial and I...
  3. Winston Churchill

    Asking for statues of anybody who ever did anything wrong by the standards of current society is incredibly dangerous. It's basically George Orwell 1984 slowly coming to reality. You're eradicating history and pretending things didn't happen. Standards were different back then, slave trade was...
  4. Best 11 ever in your honest opinion

    I seem to remember Henry going into the left channel a lot which would be amazing with CR7 going central from that side. if only we could see all these ideas in reality. :drool:
  5. Best 11 ever in your honest opinion

    ------------------------Friedel--------------------- Bissaka------- Carragher-------Dunk-----------Cole --------------Makelele-------Cattermole-------- ---------------------Vinnie Jones-------------------- Park---------------Fashanu--------------Di Canio Welcome to operation mind feck. The...
  6. Best 11 ever in your honest opinion

    From players I really love / loved and remember. ------------------------------VDS---------------------------- Cafu----------Ferdinand--------Maldini----------Marcelo ------------------------------Keane--------------------------- ---------------Ronaldinho----------Zidane-----------...
  7. Unsung heroes in great teams.

    Wes Brown in 07/08 was excellent for us. He's often forgotten. Very good player when fit and had a great season. Just seen it's already been mentioned..............
  8. Gaming Football Manager 2020 (PC, Mac, Switch, Android, iOS, Stadia)

    I think I will try a start unemployed with no experience save where I'm not allowed to use any preset tactics, that sounds like a good idea. I usually use the presets and then tweak them to my liking. Will start one from scratch.
  9. Teden Mengi

    We should tap into the local clubs with these younger players in my opinion.Clubs like Preston, Blackburn and Wigan would be ideal for a lad currently living in Manchester. He wouldn't need to move house, keep his family and friends around him + he could also still be around the Utd training...
  10. Gaming Football Manager 2020 (PC, Mac, Switch, Android, iOS, Stadia)

    It's a fine line. You want to be able to do that but probably not every season. You don't even really need to change the squad that much. Most players that are good in the Conference can do a decent job for you in L2 and L1. I think it would be slightly better if you got stuck for 1 or two years...
  11. Gaming Football Manager 2020 (PC, Mac, Switch, Android, iOS, Stadia)

    I was really enjoying the game but then just found it too easy. You seem to be able to take pretty much any team from Conference to Championship with no issue at all. It's only then getting into the prem that's an issue. Anybody else found this and how do you then get the difficulty right?
  12. Ashley Young signs for Inter Milan | Contrary to common belief, does have hair

    This is bigger news than a vaccine.
  13. Irwin vs Evra

    Yea exactly. The same reason people prefer Paul Konchesky in dream teams over Ashley Cole or Paul Dickov over Henry..... You fecking idiot.
  14. Could they void the PL due to the Coronavirus? | No | Resuming June 17th

    I can only see one realistic solution and that's to void the league. Any other solution is just too messy, brings up too many variations, legal cases and further disruption to future seasons. Any talk of finishing the season is delusion. Everybody is now on lock down for at least 12 weeks...
  15. Post match vs Club Brugge

    Really good result and decent performance considering the absolute shite that was in the team. Pretty pleased but will be furious if we play that team in the home tie. the Europa is a big competition, especially for us.