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  1. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    Schmeichel, Shaw, White, Digne, tsimkas, Bruno, salah, Greenwood, Barnes, ings, iheanacho. 3 itb for son to come in. Any ideas?
  2. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    Son-Bruno-Salah-Greenwood midfield 4. Might swap son for Kai or Mahrez for for gw1.
  3. Last Man Standing 2021/22 | 551 competitors, down to 216. Entry closed.

    Your reigning champ is here. May change. Gw1: Chelsea Gw2: Villa Gw3: West Ham
  4. Luckhurst: United wanted CDM but will now wait til next year

    Andreas would walk into any side in the championship, come off it.
  5. Predict the top 6 in order. 2021/22.

    United City Chelsea Liverpool Leicester Arsenal
  6. Manchester United vs Everton (Friendly) Saturday 7th August 2021 @ 12:45pm BST

    Masons work rate was fantastic. Great to see.
  7. Which current United player could beat the rest of the team in a fight?

    Keane would kick the shit out of any single one of our players barre maybe Matic.
  8. Which current United player could beat the rest of the team in a fight?

    Between Deano, Harry, Scott, and Matic.
  9. Who is our most important player?

    Bruno Maguire Rashford, Shaw, AWB Pogba.
  10. Manchester United v Derby Count - Sunday July 18 1pm - WE GO AGAIN

    Heaton, AWB, Axel, Bailly, Telles, Matic, Garner, Elanga, Mata, Hannibal, Martial.
  11. In a world with Sancho and no Busquets/Carrick like options, do we need a playmaking 8 (and need a world class 6 as a result)?

    If we got the right midfielder in, Depending on the game Fred or Mctominay beside Goretzka would he perfect
  12. Jadon Sancho | £72.9M fee agreed

    I mean, it's not the be all and end all, but it a factor.
  13. Next Spurs manager?

    The decision regarding Kane will have already been made.
  14. Jadon Sancho | £72.9M fee agreed

    Excellent post.