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  • I really hope so JC as sometimes I think I'm doing something wrong here!
    Keep well mate, and may United get out of this horrible period in our history.
    I hate to say this but 'I told you so' JC !! You made it to the mains and I'm still here!
    Think of me every now and then maybe i'll get the required likes that I need to get there myself.
    Good luck in the mains.
    Hi Christina, don't worry, you'll be there in no time! :) just keep being you..
    Hi JC - unfortunately if one send a msg to a mod about things like this he/she risks getting thrown out! My only hope is that when you become a mod you remember your old friend Christine - Ha Ha !! Just joking!
    I've seen people query it before I'm sure... I think there's quite a way to go before I reach that yet! I'll race you :p
    I've been here since 2012 and I've now got 1100 posts and I'm still not good enough for the mains whilst I see others with lesser posts who get in very quickly! I've been stuck on 8 likes from Mods for such a long time that I'm really disappointed!
    Hmm that really sucks.. Maybe have a word with one of the mods ? Jojo seems pretty reasonable, maybe just drop him a message on his profile?
    How does one 'like' another member on this board ? Do you know? Thanks.
    I think it's a privilege that only the mods and admin have isn't it? Users can't like other users I don't think
    Hi JC. I filled in your survey. Listen, how do I send you a private message here?
    I think if you start a conversation with me that is the best way ?
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, And which is more, you’ll be a Man, my son.
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