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  • Hey mate, would you mind sharing the link to the replica tops DHGate seller that you use, from the Cheap football kits thread. Looking to get my kids a few tops. Cheers Tom
    Hey mate, I, like seemingly everyone, is interested in the link for the shirts! Thank you for your time
    Hi mate, apologies for pestering you with another request but could I please get that link from you too? Thanks a million
    Hello, like many others I would really really appreciate at a link to the seller you bought from. Thanks/ Johan from Sweden.
    Hey, would it be possible to have the link for the shirt website please.
    Cheers, Rik
    Hi mate any chance you could send me the link for the kits would be much appreciated. Thank you
    Hey mate.. Can you please send me the link for football kits! Thanks !!!Cheers!
    Hi Joaquin if you have time could i get a link for the football kits. Much appreciated. Thanks.
    Hello mate. Sorry to bother but could you please send the link for the kit you bought?
    Thanks in advance
    Hi mate,
    Really sorry that you are getting continually messaged about this, but could I trouble you for a link to the cheap kit site you are using.
    Many thanks in advance.
    Hello JoaquinJoaquin, I'm a newbie unfortunately but was wondering if you could send me the link please, I completely understand why you don't just pass it around in the forum.
    Many Thanks
    Hi JoaquinJoaquin, could you send me the link please dude, much appreciated ,you're a credit top the forum!
    Hi mate, New to the forum long time follower, any chance I could get the link to your jersey supplier, no worries if you can't, thanks
    Hi pal, Could you send me a link to your jersey provider? I'm in the newbie forum because I'm too big of a shithouse to post!. Cheers
    Hey man, ive just seen you got a great deal on kits. Would love to have the link too. Appreciate the effort and thanks in advance.
    Hey there, would love to know where you get the cheap kits from! Could you please pm me? Thank you so much for helping everyone here :)
    Hello mate, still a newb like the others below but been following for forever, could you please pm me the link for the kits as well? Thank you! Cheers, AJ
    Hey mate, similar to SuperStan below, I'm in the newbs as well but would like to get the link to your shirt supplier as well. You should be getting commission mate :)
    Hey I'm I'm the newbs but saw your post about the shirts, could I get the link to your supplier too please?
    The Stan
    Just saw your message, thanks so much for sending it through!!
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