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  1. Brendan Rodgers - Leicester City manager

    Think Spurs wanted him if you listen to the media ( which I don't ) but can see why if he was approached would say no. Didn't know that about George Best but now that you've told me that I'm even more sure I'd give him a go at our place. If United did go for him he wouldn't turn us down.
  2. Brendan Rodgers - Leicester City manager

    Yes yes yes I would. I've grown to like he over the years. If things don't turn out well for Ole United will have Brendan on the short list for sure. He deserves his chance. Let's be honest he was unlucky not to win it at Liverpool back in 2014. He's got a great temprement, doesn't show...
  3. Gary Neville

    Me too. I think Gary does a great job and comes over well on Sky Sports.
  4. Confirmation of CB

    Spot on, Lindelop a bench warmer at best and doesn't make the first 11.
  5. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    I'm of the opinion he's always been pretty bad on set pieces. However, we agree it needs sorting for next season.
  6. Roy Keane

    Problem is he never comes out of third gear. He gets 20 yards from goal then puts it in reverse
  7. Confirmation of CB

    I just don't think we can win the league with any of our options at CB at the moment. Think we all know Maguire not going anywhere soon so unless he gets a replacement for the others remaining we will always be looking above our heads and seeing one or two teams above us. You only have to...
  8. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    I agree he's finally improving the side but I have a concern abou him conceding so many goals from set plays. Do you think he's improved that side?
  9. Confirmation of CB

    You don't need one. That's a fair assessment
  10. Roy Keane

    McTom defo a squad player but Fred? He needs to be first player on transfer list, apart from his engine he offers us nothing.
  11. Confirmation of CB

    Apart from McTom I'd happily sell the others.
  12. Confirmation of CB

    I have no allegiance to the queen. Only Diana's children
  13. Confirmation of CB

    What's this got to do with the opening post. ? You quoted me incorrectly and I'm putting your right. Why change the subject ?