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  1. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    I checked. Looks like it's gone now. Possibly because of the new version.
  2. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    The original Danish movie has been on Netflix for a couple of years. That's where I first saw it. Not seen this one yet.
  3. I see the 'ABU' Media are back in full voice...

    BBC and Micah Richards making a thing of the 1-6 game's tenth anniversary on the website. When's the anniversary piece on the "Demolition Derby" with Andea Kanchelskis then?
  4. Film James Bond: No Time to Die

    Casino Royale had a terrific understated villain in Mads Mikklesen and went back to Fleming; it's the best Craig by a country mile and one of the best of the series.
  5. Steve Bruce leaves Newcastle

    When he talked about all the grief he received, even from within his family, and that it will likely be his last management job, I couldn't help but feel sorry for our first in my lifetime title-winning United captain.
  6. Martin Tyler's really old and cant do the job anymore

    Barry Davies, host of nauseating sycophantic BBC “Liverpool into Europe” of my youth? Not for me.
  7. Jermaine Jenas in line to replace Gary Lineker as BBC's face of football

    He was co-presenting The One Show the other week. Full Partridge.
  8. Who you rate the highest Pep, Klopp or Tuchel?

    Longevity is also a factor. Retaining titles, rebuilding sides. Time will tell. Klopp doesn't have the resources of the other two, but his defence of their title was woeful.
  9. ‘Robbo - The Bryan Robson story’ (new film)

    ....AND he could do it in an England shirt.
  10. Newcastle United now owned by the PIF | PL receives "legally binding assurances that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will not control NUFC" ;)

    Alan Shearer on the BBC: "Of course there are questions about human rights (i.e. "I don't give a shit, we can buy anyone we want and win the league.")..." I think most of the barcodes will have that attitude. Poor City, there's always somebody with a faster car...
  11. ‘Robbo - The Bryan Robson story’ (new film)

    My fav United player of all time. United fans not around during his time have no idea what a Captain and player he was. If only we had him now.
  12. Film James Bond: No Time to Die

    I am a massive Bond head and I enjoyed it. I have some nitpicks, but none with some of the bigger choices. I would say if SKYFALL is your fav Craig this will be your new fav. I still rate CASINO ROYALE as Craig's best. Craig is wonderful, and is terrific in this.