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  1. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    I cant see Chelsea NOT challenging for the title (sadly). I just hope United can get the Sancho deal done so we can challenge too. I'm boldly predicting Poo to finish 4th (City 3rd)
  2. How many of you will buy the new United home jersey?

    I tend to get the new shirt for my birthday in Nov. I'm too old to wear them in public, but I wear them in my 7-a-side kick abouts every week, which has a double advantage of winding up our landlord for the after match pint; big City fan :)
  3. Erm.. The Number 7 shirt..

    Maybe its an age thing. To me, several of our numbers have become iconic, none more so than the No.7, its a special thing There have been fall outs in the past over numbers, and I'm sure Mata wouldn't want to give up the No.8, but if it was for Bruno, I reckon he'd take another number rather...
  4. Erm.. The Number 7 shirt..

    There's a lot of history with our no.7 shirt. There's a really good official video that's worth a watch. Best, Cantona, Robson, Ronaldo, Beckham - not many clubs can boast a list as good as that. Sancho could add his name to the "good" list
  5. Jadon Sancho | James Ducker: United may yet meet Dortmund's £108m asking price for Sancho

    I reckon the deals already been done, but with lockdown we're stuggling to fine a reliable piano tuner for the welcome video :p
  6. RAWK goes into Meltdown 19/20 Edition

    Congratulations to Poo. Always nice to see a new name on the trophy. They should be proud of "doing a Leicester". Hopefully we can join the title fight next season. Bring it on :devil:
  7. Top 4 Race 19/20 | duffer: "We [Chelsea] are getting 3rd. Despite what the lunatics in here think, Man United are not all that."

    I don't think its rocket science that our recent slump in form is down to burn out. I think our players have a put in a huge effort since lockdown to put us into a great position, but its taken its toll and we've looked knackard in the last 3 or 4 games. Hopefully the incentive to finish 3rd...
  8. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    I changed my vote to keep him and let him rebuild. He's completely won me around. The Bruno affect has been massive obviously, but the more I listen to Ole's pre and post match interviews the more faith I have in him. I love that he doesn't get too down when we lose, and doesn't get too excited...
  9. Lock in your measured response to dropped points against Southampton now

    Hopefully this wont be needed, but here's my lockin response "if" we drop points later (assuming my keyboard still works after being smashed repeatedly on my desk!!: "Typical United, never do anything the easy way"
  10. So when are we going to get off our backsides and challenge this City/Liverpool dominance of winning trophies?

    We absolutely must mount a title challenge next season :devil:. Surely seeing Liverpool win it will be a huge motivator. Even without Sancho and/or a CB, from the way we've been playing this should be possible. We're lacking cover in a few positions which would be my major worry re a long...