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  1. Most Disappointing Signings

    Sanchez. Falcao maybe?
  2. James Garner | 2022/23 Performances

    My simple take is that he's a natural 6. Right now, we have two severely underwhelming players in McFred who have been awful. Then we have 3 No. 10s as our only midfielders. Give him a go, if it fails, send him on loan or sell him. If he shows promise, give him a go and see where it goes. I...
  3. Adrien Rabiot | His mother is his agent. Get over it.

    Oh god, just end the club now why don't you. Better than watching it turn into a laughing stock any more. This is beyond painful to watch.
  4. Harry Maguire | 2022/23 Performances

    Nothing to do with their direct relationship, but to me they both part and parcel of a disorganized defence. Both constantly end up in awkward positions where they're found out, and both fail to inspire confidence in that backline, when they are the most experienced regulars of the back 4.
  5. James Garner | 2022/23 Performances

    Give him a go. There is an absolute zero chance he could be any worse.
  6. Lisandro Martínez | 2022/23 Performances

    Got bullied and his decision making was odd at times. Showed some good passes in the first 10 minutes then his confidence simply disappeared.
  7. Harry Maguire | 2022/23 Performances

    His individual performance was alright, but as usual there's just no defensive cohesion when Shaw and him are in the team. They inspire zero confidence, and seem to give attackers maximum confidence. Their positioning and ability to hold structure is pisspoor. Shaw, simply because it seems he...
  8. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    Cue the second manager who is failing to implement a press with this group of players. Gee, I wonder where the problem lies.
  9. Christian Eriksen | 2022/23 Performances

    Our best player. By a big margin.
  10. Tennis 2022

    Nadal out of Montreal. *sigh*
  11. Chris Armas | New Staff Member

    What's wrong with anyone he said here, other than people take issue that he's American? He's again, added to the long list of people who've questioned the mentality of the players. I worry for Ten Hag. It's all smiles now, but once he really has a go at them, they might turn on him. The same...
  12. Anthony Martial | 2022/23 Performances

    He's smiling again. Naturally, that means he's gonna tear up the league. Now we understand. Martial's smile gives him top class footballing ability.
  13. Tennis 2022

    Also, why isn't Nalbandian part of this discussion? Think he has a winning record against Novak and Rafa, including a time where he beat all 3 of Fed, Novak and Nadal back to back to back. Just another who couldn't win a GS.
  14. Tennis 2022

    Hewitt to beat Medvedev not because he is a better quality tennis player, but because he'd unwind Medvedev mentally with his antics. Roddick to beat Zverev. It's US Open, he's more consistent, despite a weak backhand, he's got a strong forehand and serve. Zverev's serve goes AWOL, and he tends...
  15. Frenkie de Jong | 4th lever pulled | Barca still short.. | next lever selling fan base off?

    They need to sell FDJ no? Else how are Barca buying Raphinha and Lewandowski, paying their probably rather high wages, while being cash strapped? They're splashing on Raphinha, but can't pay FDJ his 17 mil? Make it make sense.