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  1. Ronaldo (37) Slaps Phone Out of Child’s (14) Hand | Charged after 5 months of deliberation

    Ronaldo was important in our win against Arsenal & has been very good for us so far as a substitute. He's been awful when he has started games but we'd still be worse off if he was banned & we had only Rashford through the middle with no option on the bench. This should just not be allowed tbh...
  2. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    We also played Maguire in our first two games so that's 4 out of 6 games where you'd expect us to not have had a high line so far. Will be more interesting to view this at the end of the season.
  3. Millie Turner - is fit again and ready to play

    Or 7 months and 2 weeks. Maybe even 5 months and 10 weeks or possibly even 4 months and 14 weeks.
  4. Champions League 2022/23 - Matchday 3 - 4/5 October

    If people are listening to the moron on the BT goals show saying it was because the GK was off his line, he's talking out his arse. It was because Politano was in the box, which allowed him to get to the rebound first & score.
  5. Is football cancelled for the next week? | Man United-Leeds & Chelsea-Liverpool postponed

    Didn't realise he talked over them. Very rude of him to interrupt them if true.
  6. Abolish REFEREES

    Maybe we have some gladiatorial system in play where King Charles can give the thumbs up or down for refereeing decisions to decide whether the ref lives or dies?
  7. Queen Elizabeth II | 1926-2022 | Rest in Peace

    Used* She ain't using anything anymore.
  8. Queen Elizabeth II | 1926-2022 | Rest in Peace

  9. Queen Elizabeth II | 1926-2022 | Rest in Peace

    I suppose I mean the situation, rather than the speech. That such an anti-monarchy person would become PM just days before the Queen dies.
  10. Queen Elizabeth II | 1926-2022 | Rest in Peace

    Not going to pretend I care about the royal family, because I don't, but seeing Lizz Truss make a speech about the Queen after being so outspokenly against her was odd. I half expected her to just come out with "ding dong the witch is dead".
  11. Manchester United vs Real Sociedad

    No prematch, just football compilations in honour of Lizzie. She was well-known for her love of football compilations tbf, I even heard she was the one that made all those 'Welcome to Manchester United' videos every time a player was linked with us.
  12. Jamie Carragher filmed snatching phone from fan after being wound up

    Couldn't care less. Did nothing wrong imo, he grabs the phone & gives it back after having a word with a guy abusing him 2 ft from his face. This is nothing like when Ronaldo slapped that kids phone from his hands & broke the phone, or when Carragher himself spat at the guy abusing him & it...
  13. Cristiano Ronaldo (I stay)

    If he leaves we need at least 2 in. People can talk all their shit but he won the majority of our balls forward, I can't remember Rashford winning a single one all game. Ronaldo doesn't shirk a 50/50, Rashford hides from every phyiscal duel. Martial will be injured most of the season & we will...
  14. Southampton vs Manchester United

    Haha, Martinez scared the shit out of de Gea there.
  15. Southampton vs Manchester United

    Elanga just aint it.