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  1. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    I understand what you are saying. We aren't ambitious to really give City a run for their money and it is unfortunate that it is this way but believe me these 1 pointers picked from games like these will get us top four which is crucial for our long-term health as a club. I know if feels like...
  2. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    Why? Because we were top ahead of Man City who had played lesser games? It was always going to be tough in this covid year with the sheer number of matches we have to play. Everyone knew it, yet you are talking about this being most frustrating. It's because you suddenly hoped that we will have...
  3. Is putting McT at centre-back a good idea?

    Don’t act on every thought going through your mind. Most of them are just that, thoughts.
  4. Zlatan tells LeBron James to stay out of politics...

    Maybe he should stay out of speaking then as he isn’t a “speaker”. Ridiculous take. Famous people should speak up and use the platform they have built to bring positive change.
  5. Has Martial done enough to be backed as our long-term #9?

    Yeah he tends to do that because he is more confident shooting from just inside the box that fighting for a cross. His default reaction is to stay back for a pull back. I find that extremely frustrating. He is just playing for himself and not the team.
  6. Romelu Lukaku | Inter watch | Best K-Pass, K-Solution, K-Movement Player in Serie A

    I would want to see this list to only include games against top 4 clubs in the league or QF or above in cup competitions. I am guessing that he wouldn't be doing so well on that list.
  7. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch

    And that's why I love it. I have no malice towards Spurs, except of course the schadenfreude from Glaston's constant wumming on this forum. I actually liked them very much before Jose. I just love that fact that whatever happens, Levy will be taken to the cleaners. I just can't stand his fake...
  8. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch

    Maybe he likes to eat his cheese in a small room in an empty cavernous state-of-the-art stadium while an NFL game is playing on TV?
  9. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    The team is clearly knackered. We looked well off the pace and its not Solksjaer who is at fault here. He can obviously rotate more but then he risks giving away free points which will be devastating to see, especially after the progress we have made since project restart. His match management...
  10. Lingard to join West Ham on loan

    Let him play against all our rivals and score against them. Agent Lingard! He is still doing the club a service.
  11. Who will choke to let Liverpool back in the top 4?

    I don't think it is as simple as that. They are in a downward spiral which can't be arrested so easily. There are only about 14 games left and the window is closed. They need to put together a strong run to get back into top 4 and I just don't think their players really have the hunger for it.
  12. Jürgen Klopp Sack Watch

    Not sure what you are on about. Any team will eventually collapse i.e., will be unable to sustain their level of performance if you don't bring in new faces, competition for places, and challenge your existing players. After winning a title they have been chasing for 30 years, it is natural for...
  13. Change the fate of a club by swapping a transfer

    I can do better i.e., change the fate of multiple clubs. Porto signing <random bloke> as Portuguese translator instead of Jose Mourinho.
  14. Real Sociedad vs Manchester United

    That's the only reason I was paying $6 a month to them and they do this. They are losing my business.
  15. Bruno Fernandes | 2020/21 Performances

    I am really depressed reading this forum right now. We are 2nd in the league (unexpectedly) and the player who single-handedly carried us since he joined, our best post SAF signing in terms of output, the trump card that converts losses into draws and draws into wins, is getting such flak here...