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  1. NFL 2020

    I would agree but as Pats fan I was such a nervous wreck knowing 1 or 2 plays would decide the result.. had me on the edge of my seat for nearly all of it.
  2. NFL 2020

    Yup. There’s a lot of room to the outside for him and Hunt to exploit right now. Fingers crossed anyway. Came in not massively wanting either team to win but the refs have been terrible so far.. let’s go Browns.
  3. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    But.. is Gal Gadot hot enough to warrant the £16..? I haven't watched it yet, but it's a shame that it seems to be fairly universally disliked, as I really liked the first one. £16 is just so much money when I have 50 odd films already on Netflix, Sky, Prime watchlists..
  4. Gaming PlayStation 5 (Console) | State of Play this Thursday showing what any gamer cares about - games

    So... anyone know anything about upcoming stock? I asked for money for Xmas and have got enough for one.. but still looks like it’s ultra impossible to get one..? I keep seeing different specification rumours, is there anything to it and waiting?
  5. Burnley vs Manchester United

    Surprised that wasn’t given given the shit show of VAR against us tonight
  6. Gaming PlayStation 5 (Console) | State of Play this Thursday showing what any gamer cares about - games

    Wreckfest is a good substitute. Really enjoyed playing through that.
  7. NFL 2020

    I wondered if I heard that right! Haha
  8. 2021 American Civil War

    :lol: Literally inside a building she wasn't allowed to be in. Defying police orders. Guns drawn telling her to go away. She climbs through a smashed window. It's not a good thing she died, but what did she expect? I cant believe you are still trying to lie your way out of this one.
  9. F1 2021 Season

    To an extent, I agree. But the best drivers tend to end up in the best cars. I get you don't like Hamilton though, so you're not going to change your mind on anything.
  10. F1 2021 Season

    I mean.. he’s not. I’m not a “hamilton4eva” type, and I really like Max. But there’s no evidence that Max is better than Hamilton. Max is more exciting, sure.
  11. Football & Sports Betting Thread 2020/2021

    I had a 4 fold yesterday with United, Arsenal, Burnley and Leeds. With the early 3 coming in, I found good odds for a double chance bet to cover part of the bet in the United game. I basically would win £90 if United won or £60 if they didn’t. So it got to 92 minutes and I cashed out the...
  12. Football & Sports Betting Thread 2020/2021

    Cheers as always. I won a 6 fold td scorer nfl bet last night so I actually had a bit of money for a change.. all withdrawn now.. read to go back in..
  13. Football & Sports Betting Thread 2020/2021

    Looks like saw this too late! Draw is 1/4 and 0-0 is 1/3!
  14. Football & Sports Betting Thread 2020/2021

    Not happening. Great shout as always though @Spiersey