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  1. Paris St Germain vs Manchester United

    We’re allowed 5 subs in the CL aren’t we? So we might actually see this Pellestri guy
  2. Is it time to burst "Greeny's" bubble?

    Far too many young players these days need humbling.
  3. Paris St Germain vs Manchester United

    These will be out for revenge.
  4. Virgil van Dijk | Performances

    He will be back towards season stronger than ever to see Liverpool won the double. Back to his best next year. This guy has waited all his career to play for a team like Liverpool and he’s incredibly strong mentally. Setback nothing more.
  5. PL Weekend Fixtures 17/10/20 - 19/10/20

    Villa by far the better team here
  6. Paris St Germain vs Manchester United

    De Gea Lindelof Maguire Shaw AWB McT Fred Telles Fernandes Martial Cavani
  7. The quality of attacking football throughout the league

    When it’s just 22 players going out and playing football with no exterior influence, quality isn’t compromised by fan pressure nor is quality compromised by an intimidating atmosphere or boosted by an intimidating atmosphere. It’s just quality players having a game of football and nothing else...
  8. PL Weekend Fixtures 17/10/20 - 19/10/20

    Yeah I remember us 3-0 up at half time to Watford and they got back to 3-2, we were lucky that we managed to get a 4th. Chelsea losing 4-2 at home to Bradford when 2-0 up at half time was because of his tactics.
  9. PL Weekend Fixtures 17/10/20 - 19/10/20

    Haven’t seen a team piss away a result like that in a long time. Mouriniho will be fuming. He always invites teams onto them though.
  10. PL Weekend Fixtures 17/10/20 - 19/10/20

    Nobody can defend this season
  11. Firmino or Martial...

    I agree that there’s players who do what Firmino does as I call “the basics” but are also explosively brilliant goalscorers and Liverpool could do with upgrading him. Just think we should also recognise that his simple effectiveness is also a major asset.
  12. Firmino or Martial...

    Some of yous are absolute clueless. Really think Liverpool won the league with 99 points and the Champions League with a number 9 centre forward who “does feck all” Putting “simple things well“ in inverted commas when the fact they’ve got a team full of players who do that that is why they’re...
  13. Firmino or Martial...

    Nope the “simple things” are what win you league titles. Firmino is a very effective player regardless of who he’s playing with. There’s a reason Pogba only ever looks good when he’s got players around him who are simple and effective like Kante. If anything it’s the opposite, Firmino is...