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  1. Music What concerts/gigs are you going to?

    Damn I didn’t realise you weren’t aware! Yeah it is a total bummer. I was a fan back in the day then got back into them around 2018 and loved Tilians vocals. Glad it’s still going ahead but anyones guess as to who will fill in.
  2. Music What concerts/gigs are you going to?

    Your feelings on who may be on vocals? Or do you reckon Andrew will fill in? Heard Kurt Travis was joining on the newly announced US dates!
  3. Anthony Martial | 2021/22 Performances

    A lot of our players aren’t good enough if we want to start competing again. We have Ronaldo and literally no other centre forward in the team, and are supposedly not prioritising signing somebody in that position. With his wages it’s going to be impossible to flog him unless we loan him again...
  4. Anthony Martial | 2021/22 Performances

    Still don’t see why he can’t be useful? Rashford has been given chance after chance. We can’t lose more attackers without replacing them. If a decent offer came in then we should consider it but it’s pointless loaning him out again.
  5. Frenkie de Jong

    Is he even a United fan? Sure I read somewhere that he wasn’t. Can’t stand him.
  6. Anthony Martial | Sevilla loan watch

    If Rashford is going to get another chance, then so should this guy.
  7. Pitch Invasions

    Football fans really are fecking idiots. Seriously what are they thinking. Morons
  8. Scottish Football 21-22

    Red cards were extremely soft. See Inverness nicking this on pens.
  9. Gaming Elden Ring - Fromsoftware

    Elden beast tips for a melee build? Can’t seem to get anywhere on him. Best was halfway.
  10. Scottish Football 21-22

    Arbroath have been solid. Really hope they hold out here.
  11. Gaming Elden Ring - Fromsoftware

    Is this from the rooftop? You have to get down to ground level and take a right down some stairs before the Erdtree Avatar. Or rolling off a cliff…
  12. Harry Maguire | 2021/22 Performances

    Nah, they’re not. Says it all when Palace and Leicester fans wouldn’t want them back.
  13. Diogo Dalot | 2021/22 Performances

    Well considering other attacking players stop and pass back I don’t even blame him for taking on shots. Barely anyone in the team wants to take responsibility. Can’t say Dalot is one of them.
  14. Harry Maguire | 2021/22 Performances

    How long does ones form have to be poor for it to be considered their true level? He’s clearly not made the step up since his move here no matter how much people try to portray him as something he’s not. Kleberson once had a good World Cup for Brazil too. He’s mid table at best. Just a huge bag...