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  • You are gravely misinformed. Nearly 100% of Muslim in SE Asia support punishment for leaving Islam?

    There is no punishment for leaving Islam in Indonesia. People leave Islam all the time here and there's no repercussion for that. Nothing in the law and constitution of the country.We have tribes where brother and sister can choose to believe in different religion.

    Malaysia and Brunei are the conservative. Not us.
    And really? Your choice of Muslim South East Country example is Malaysia? They have less than 15% of Indonesian Population. Be informed.
    Keep up the good work. I have been banned from the Israel thread and also my own thread on antisemitism. In fact, they added (and Islamophobia) to the title of that thread I made.

    Any pro-Israel gets immediately shut down by these Hamas sympathisers. Good luck flying the flag for us.
    You might get on my nerves from time to time, and I'm having a hard time figuring you out, but I personally really appreciate your contributions in the Israel-Palestine thread. I'm learning a lot from your posts.

    Keep them coming, we need more people like you.

    Hi owlo, I am a long-time reader of Redcafe, and now I saw the big lies and misinformation on the Israel-Palestine discussion and would like to ask you if you can post a message in my name. I will write to you to give some Israeli perspective (I cannot as I am newbie).
    hi owlo , if you are not comfortable with the content please let me know and i will ask someone else to post, no hard feelings (i understand this is a very sensitive subject)
    Hi let me read, I got busy there 1 moment :)
    sure owlo. between us- me as a proud israeli, i really hope there gonna peace between us and all the arabs around us. the problem is that those countries around us cannot live in a democracy because of their culture. if israel will cease to exist- they will murder each other like in gaza in 2007. lets hope for better times, eventually it will come.
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