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  1. Tifo IRL: The Real Problem with Manchester United's Midfield

    Let's be honest, neither Fred nor Tominay are helped by being asked to play so deep. For some reason we keep renewing Matic's contract even though he keeps costing us so they have play out of position to cover that.
  2. Henderson signs 6 year contract

    Agreed, Henderson blew his big chance at the end of last season when he was billed as a less flashy but more steady alternative to De Gea. Instead he turned out to be even more error strewn and seemed to shrink within himself in big moments rather stand up and make an impact. His performance at...
  3. Posts that were actually made on the night we stormed back to beat Atalanta 3-2

    The problems are still there for all to see sadly.
  4. Henderson signs 6 year contract

    De Gea's number one because his competition is Henderson.
  5. Zinedine Zidane - 3 time CL winning manager without a job

    The suggestion we would be better off sticking with Solksjaer is absurd.
  6. Ole is unhappy that we haven't bought a CM

    I find it astonishing what an easy ride Ole gets from the media, he gets it spectacularly wrong time and again and the reporters interviewing never ask him does he feel as if he's under pressure or his job might be on the line.
  7. Jadon Sancho | 2021/22 Performances

    Are Dortmund players cursed to underperform when we sign them? Kagawa, Mkhitaryan and now Sancho?
  8. Van De Beek is not a Centre Midfielder

    The Sancho signing is looking like a disastrous bit of business so far, money was spent on another expensive attacker the area of the team needing least work, with no central defensive midfielder purchased as a result.
  9. Ole: “maybe something has to give”

    It's pretty obvious we need to keep a double pivot in midfield until we get new personnel in capable of playing another formation.
  10. Is Jose Mourinho still our best manager post Fergie?

    Mourinho is clearly the best manager we had since Fergie, the fact he deservedly was replaced after causing so much carnage says it all about how bad things have been and the low quality of our football since 2013.
  11. Van De Beek is not a Centre Midfielder

    He isn't on as much money as Pogba so there's no fuss if he doesn't play. It's ludicrous at this stage with how terrible our midfield is that he hasn't been given a run of games to try and stake a claim to a first team place, instead he gets the odd game here and there and is thrown under the...
  12. Ole's man-management and playing his favorites

    Pogba and Fernandes are two players who will be picked regardless of form, the fact Pogba is messing the club about over a new contract but still starts and seldom produces tells you everything about where the power lies at the club. Solksjaer seems to be a counsellor to get the players in the...
  13. Paul Scholes: Give Ole Until The End Of The Season

    This notion that Solksjaer turned it around last season is ludicrous. He bottled it big time last season, getting off scot free for gross incompetence, and looks to be doing the same again. How being top of the table at Christmas and then 15 points behind four weeks later can be considered...
  14. Unpopular opinion: Ronaldo will be a huge miss

    At the moment we're just all over the place, we are trying to accommodate Pogba, Bruno and Ronaldo in the same team and it clearly is not working - we need more graft in the side as lesser teams are rolling us over because we just want to do fancy flicks and score sensational goals without...
  15. The manager has lost the players

    There's a wider problem than Ole in terms of the culture of the club because we have had these problems with every manager since Fergie left, the players don't perform, Ole is not blameless though, in fact he has the best squad since Fergie left and seems incapable of turning the ship around...