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  • Hi, I appreciate you guys don't want a discussion on Mason Greenwood, but you haven't explained why not. The charges are dropped so Redcafe's stated reason of not wanting to interfere in an investigation are no longer valid.
    So what's the reason? I get that it's a sensitive and fractious topic, but we handle much worse on here with tact and common sense.
    You deserve a promotion penna. Best scout on the forum, always discovering those high quality posts!!
    I'm a moderator actually, but thanks .... :)
    My posts didn't breach any rules.

    You must be a Ole apologist and Maguire fan
    I couldn't care less what you wrote, it's the formatting of the posts that was wrong. Don't write in single lines, write in paragraphs.
    oh I didn't realize I could use this place to thank you for the likes =)
    Hi there, you don't need to thank us for likes, we ask people to please not do that. :)
    ahaha ok :angel:
    Thank you for the post's approval.

    The mains forum are much more exciting compared to the newbies thread, so I tend to end up in the Mains forum and threads despite the limited posts and privileges I am allowed at this point.

    Cheers :)
    Thanks for the info! I will try to avoid wrong spelling, but please give me some time, as English is not my native language. Thank you in advance!
    Hello, I'm new and although I was actually a lurker for a few years, that doesn't make me familiar with the system here. I'm still learning here.

    That's why I only posted this now :)

    Thanks for my first like. Really appreciate it. And I'm looking forward to get involved more here in forum.
    That's great, hope you enjoy the forum. :)
    Oh my.. that wasnt the point with the post. Im sorry you dont see it.
    Thanks for the correction- I was writing the post quickly on way to work on my phone..! Thanks though! :)
    Thank you for liking my post and helping me on my way to full member status :)

    Blackburn Rovers fan here. As you may or may not know we have a planned protest against our owners tomorrow. We have put a bit of a statement together about it and wondered if you might be able to share on your match thread?


    Thank you for the like before the game, I'm glad you liked my pre match analysis (even though it wasn't the most accurate!)
    Could you possibly point me in the direction of the movie review thread on the newbies board please? I'm willing to work for it.
    can i have an input over how to post video's along with comments in newbie forum.
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