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  1. Should Leicester City replace Arsenal or Spurs as part of Top 6?

    It's not like it's an exclusive club that only a select few clubs have ever been in, so they absolutely deserve to be in the reckoning. I get that City need to be in the top 4/6/whatever since they're annoyingly good after getting sugardaddied, but Spurs haven't won anything and people just sort...
  2. RAWK goes into Meltdown 20/21 Edition

    See, this requires the use of common sense. Having common sense and being a Liverpool fan RAWK poster are clearly mutually exclusive concepts. EDIT: Felt I had to make a change. Not all Liverpool fans are as bad as the mentals that post on RAWK. Also, not all RAWK posters are Liverpool fans...
  3. RAWK goes into Meltdown 20/21 Edition

    I think we've finally reached peak RAWK again. It's been a long wait.
  4. RAWK goes into Meltdown 20/21 Edition

    Yes, Ole clearly makes all his decisions based on what will annoy the lunatics on RAWK the most. For his next trick, he's going to win the league next season. Not for his own personal glory or anything. Just to piss them off.
  5. Goal of the Season 2020 / 21?

    Bruno vs. Everton without a shadow of a doubt. Pure filth the whole way through, from the nonchalant way he swings his foot when he lets it roll to Wan-Bissaka to the most casual little feint you'll ever see that makes Davies completely shit the bed, and then a finish The King himself would be...
  6. Is Jadon Sancho really worth the 100 plus million fee?

    If #8 becomes available it goes to Bruno without a shadow of a doubt.
  7. Glazer Statement

    I will reiterate my sentiments from after the open letter: Dear cnut, Kindly feck off. Sincerely, Everyone
  8. Best and worst looking trophies

    Same. However, the greatest trophy in cycling is the Paris-Roubaix one. Perfectly encapsulates the race.
  9. Protest at Old Trafford

    Two official Super League™ founders, don't you know.
  10. Do you agree with the protest today?

    100% behind the protest and very pleased that the game got postponed. I hope protesters are able to postpone all future games. We don't play until the club is sold. Not keen on the few who got violent and/or started vandalising, though. Could have achieved the same without anyone getting hurt...
  11. Fans who were against today's protests

    Strongly worded handwritten letters and anti-Glazer bumper stickers.
  12. What should clubs do about perennially injured players?

    Put them down like you would with a horse with a broken leg, obviously.
  13. Raiola talking about Pogba again - For United: Make or break

    As much shite comes out of this arsehole's mouth as there must be going in, the fat feck.
  14. Post match vs AS Roma

    I will never tire of seeing Roma getting pumped at Old Trafford.
  15. If the worst happens

    City have fans?