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  • Hi mate, are the Newcastle tickets still available? Myself and son are members?l. If so how much do you want for them? Thanks
    Evening Bud, I’ll take the two for West Ham tomorrow (assume they are next to each other). 2 x Memberships available.
    Hey, thanks for getting back to me about the Newcastle game. Happy to swap for Everton if that suits you? My two are in J stand.
    Thanks Ken, much appreciated. Yeah, it's a right pain to be honest but hopefully the linked accounts will become a bit more straight forward. I'm in Dublin too.
    I've added you as a strong relationship on my account Derek, might need you to add me too. My season ticket number is 3384687 and Surname is Patterson. It won't let me forward them for some reason, we'll get it sorted anyway - I'm working the weekend of the Newcastle game so am delighted to give them to someone who can put them to use!
    Thanks a mill for this Ken. I'm out with the kids for the next few hours but will add you on my side later this eve. Will drop you a message in a few so that you have my number.
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