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  1. Sunday Times: Mbappe wants to leave PSG at the end of the season

    I would think our 2 "French Bargaining Chips" of Pogba and Martial would give us a chance for Mbappe in a player plus cash deal leaving plenty of room in the wages pot for him.
  2. Post match vs Fulham

    We clearly deserved to win but why oh why aren't we making subs in the last 20 minutes when they're running through our midfield ? If we are going to win the league we have to get the forwards back into form or re-energised - only Cavani is performing and that won't be good enough to keep us up...
  3. Fulham vs Manchester United

    Why no subs ?!!!
  4. Luke Shaw | 2020/21 Performances

    I agree with this and I have him on 6.6 so far this season but would say 7.4 is a bit high as he could be accused of poor positioning and jogging back etc earlier in the season but I do think the signing of Telles has really focused him and improved these weaknesses. Having said that we are...
  5. Post match vs Liverpool

    Bruno seriously needs a rest and time for Pogba to get the free role with DVB playing if it's a diamond If we are going to win the league our front players need to fire because they are looking poor Shaw was excellent today
  6. Eric Cantona appreciation thread

    Met him in a hotel and I'm 6-2 tall and seemed to tower over me - he's a BIG bloke but so fecking skilful and balanced as a player - bloody loved having him at United and must go down as the best signing we ever made in terms of the stepped change at the club. Perfect blend with the young talent...
  7. The curious case of Martial’s finishing

    If you watch the play leading up to the Pogba goal - Cavani is showing the usual sharp movement to find space in the box and move the defenders to create space for others - Martial just stood in the middle and easy to mark ! I'm presuming Martial will be missing on Sunday due to injury but he's...
  8. Burnley vs Manchester United

    All out attack with that team - Pogba is going to have to show good discipline for any counter attacks but plenty of height to deal with aerial threats
  9. Burnley vs Manchester United

  10. Manchester United vs Watford

    Please put him out of his misery and take Lingard off !
  11. Manchester United vs Watford

    Covid !
  12. Colin Bell has passed away

    Good player - RIP - that's too young to go
  13. Eric Bailly | 2020/21 Performances

    That really is "putting your bollox on the line !!" - a 2 point block. That really could be massive at the end of the season.
  14. Tommy Docherty has passed away

    Dormer bungalow I think the description - right on the side of a canal on a slope so you walked in and the top floor was still on the ground floor up the slope - nice place but we wouldn't pay the asking price which I won't say out of respect to them. I think they probably stayed there.
  15. Tommy Docherty has passed away

    I actually met him 2 years ago in a bungalow we were thinking about buying ( Stockport area but I won't say where ) - I walked into the house not knowing he was there and saw a Duncan Edwards photo on a magazine and mentioned to the woman (Mary) showing us around that I was a United fan. The...