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  1. Roy Keane's visit to Carrington

    Ah, I thought you were being more literal with running, given it has been a big issue in the past for this team as far as distance covered per game. As far as punching above their weight (in the sense of beating the teams they shouldn't, not overall record), I'm talking about the team this...
  2. Fred | 2019/20 Performances

    It's good to see him finally play with confidence.
  3. Paul Pogba | 2019/20 Performances

    Yes, but it's important not to have recency bias either. United hasn't been good with Lingard or Fred consistently enough to consider it the winning formula. Edit: Just to be clear though, I would like to keep Fred and try Pogba with Fred and McTominay. Lingard can come off the bench, I think...
  4. Paul Pogba | 2019/20 Performances

    Fred and Lingard have far less credit than Pogba on this team, he's easily outperformed the both of them overall.
  5. Paul Pogba | 2019/20 Performances

    Sure, like $10 though, no more than that. I do believe Pogba is far and away the best player on this team, and he will only help enhance Rashford and the rest of the forwards, he won't take away from them.
  6. Paul Pogba | 2019/20 Performances

    Well, of course Rashford has been the best and most important player, Pogba hasn't played. When he comes back, he will resume being this team's best player and creator.
  7. Roy Keane's visit to Carrington

    I just think the source of the talk matters a lot (not to mention the audience who are mostly grown men at this point), if this was someone who wasn't a pundit which, rightfully or not, has trashed this team, I believe it would have a bit more resonance. Players aren't deaf, they know more or...
  8. Was Rashford considered a big talent when he was younger?

    Really? He would have gotten his chance for sure given how the team has turned out afterwards. It was just a matter of time, unless this was the United of old where he would have had far less opportunities because of the world-class talent there. I don't know how big of a talent he was...
  9. This 2 game streak..

    While I agree with the sentiment, this is a waste of a thread as your point is discussed in multiple threads already. Nothing wrong with trying to find some positives in an overall disappointing season. Also, you never truly know when a game or run of games can become a catalyst for the team...
  10. Roy Keane's visit to Carrington

    Those pep talks are massively overrated, couldn't care less if some players tuned him out, especially Keane of all people. I get he's a legend, but those talks may work better on younger, impressionable players, not professionals who got trashed by him as a pundit.
  11. Do you see the plan yet?

    Ah, the good ol' 'disagree with me and you're not being honest' stunt, classy. Again, the poor teams don't have world-class player either, nor do they have the creative players you're craving for, nor do they have 100m+ reinforcements in defense that came in under their coach. It falls on...
  12. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    Completely agree, I'm not sure where the noise is coming from in regards to supposedly some being against Halaand coming in to disrupt Martial's development, I actually think he would be great for Martial and vice-versa. The two of them, with a change of formation, can help Halaand keep his...
  13. Liverpool - Premier League champions 19/20 Season

    I'll remember City's incredible domination of the PL a couple of seasons back, their lack of CL final is not really embarrassing at all. No amount of money ever guarantees a CL final, just ask PSG. No one cares about the rebuild of another team in the context of history, it's just a silly argument.
  14. Do you see the plan yet?

    I understand, but this team has more than enough quality and been together under him for long enough to deal with it. It hasn't just been the top teams that have had a go at United to offer those counter-attacking chances, most of the smaller teams have as well, they're not really parking the...
  15. La Liga 2019/20

    This game is ridiculous, Suarez's backheel was just filthy.